Sunday, 10 June 2018


And here I sit
Enjoying every bit

Of the sea's breeze
All else is on freeze

As I think all about life
Of things to do whilst alive

Here I sit seeing waves
Looking as the sea paves

Way for life in it to bloom
Forgetting all of my gloom

It surges back and forth
East,west,south and north

In its action lies messages
Life has phases; passages

Today may be so awkward
And all seems so backward


Tomorrow brings a forward
All will work for you upward

There will be a rise after the fall
And in the end, you will stand tall

[Written at the Beach]

I'm GamEL SaNKarL and I'm a GHOSTwriteR!

I help people to share their experiences and expertise in books.

I help them document and share their life's legacies and lessons with those they love.

I help people share both their exciting and excruciating moments of their lives.

I help them share their ideas and ideals with this generation and generations to come.

Do you have a story or know someone, family or company who/that has a story worth sharing with the world?

Don't let that story stay untold. Don't let your/their song stay unsung. Let your children and your children's children hear it.

Your story matters. Your mess over the ages is your message. Let's share your lessons!

Maybe you don't have the time and/or talent. Maybe you don't have the experience and/or expertise.

Well, I do! I have the time and talent. And I have done this 30 times over and I can help you impart, inspire and influence your world.
Let's do this together!

NB: As a Ghost....I am Faceless(in your book)... And this is Not My Real Face Ooo.....:)

Rhyming is my thing
Its the voice with which I sing
Its the wind beneath my wing
I can win with words in a boxing ring
Each word makes me feel like a king

Rhyming words makes me think
So I can choose and link
To create words that make sense and sink
Its what darins my pen's ink

I have in my palm
Words soothing like balm
And sweet to the ear like a psalm
They make me enjoy calm

When I get a rhyme line
I make time to refine
Till they become fine
And smooth like wine
Before I post for my readers to dine

You can join me to rhyme
Just listen and mime
It requires no dime
And its no vice or crime
You will soon prime
As you learn with time

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Seven On Me

Here Are 7 Points About Me You Probably Didn't Know....:)

1. Personality: I am a typical melancholic. Being a perfectionist is my strength as well as my weakness. I may stand and talk to a thousand people but stay silent in the presence of one person. I am calm and collected but can be loud when I am in a very good mood.

Most people especially the elderly have wondered whether I am Ghanaian due to my name. Some have said I've got Egyptian origin due to Gamel Nasser and others say I am from Burkina Faso due to the name Thomas Sankara. But truth is, I am very Ghanaian.

My father tells me, my name was coined from the name Gamaliel in the book of Acts. Gamaliel was a law scholar and Paul's teacher. There are other meanings to it including; Wise, Old, Hard working etc. Well, I have got my own meaning because I answer to the name and it is; God's Anointing Makes me Excel in Life'.

The name Sankarl also means the fortunate one. That explains why I am highly favoured.

Both are former African Presidents, so I could become the President of AU or ECOWAS someday. I'm dreaming big.

2. Philosophy: The service I render to humanity is the rent I pay to divinity (God) for my stay on earth. This consciousness drives me to do what I do.

Two words my friends easily associate with my personality is humility and honesty. Maybe, they are the engines of my life.

3. Purpose: There is a ministerial calling on my life. I have been seeing it in my dreams for the past seven years. I feel more connected and inclined to campus ministry than in a typical church setting. But time will tell.

4. Passion: I love to teach. I believe I have been wired to teach. I do that through writing, speaking and poetry. I just love to interact, impart, inspire and ignite individuals for impact.

5. Profession: I trained as a human biologist and I'm still specializing in biomedicine as a chemical pathologist. I hope to become a professor of psychology or public health.

Yeah, that is more like a prophecy. I've had both people I know and those I don't know from Adam refer to me as professor at different periods of my life and at different places.

6. Partnership: No life partner yet. I am very single and searching for who to mingle with. I am very selective because I see partnership as a Forever affair. I understand that if I make the wrong choice I will turn into a professor of philosophy.

I easily get along with ladies but Only ladies with big brains and hearts can gain my attention and attract my affection. I am stimulated by brains than beauty.

The last time I listed my specifications, a friend told me to ask God for clay and mould my own partner. That's on the lighter side.

7. Preferences: I prefer having pleasure in the pages and on stages. I enjoy spending time to read, think, write and speak. I am selective in what I read and I can do so the whole day.

I simply love books; I don't only read them, I create them. If you entered my bed room and found no books next to my bed, then you landed on someone's.

I also like to chat especially with children but I hate to argue. I love to watch educative talk shows and wrestling.

Friday, 7 November 2014



In your heart of hearts lies a dominant dream
A dream you wish could flow out of you like a stream
A dream that will spice your life with sweetness like ice cream
A dream that will bring you bliss till you scream
A dream that you simply wish could come true in reams

But sometimes life's twists and turns can burn you like steam
It can stress you till you lose your gleam
It can even make you turn off your rays of beam
But such is life so you must not give up on your whims
Keep that big dream alive and get a trustworthy team

Find a reason that inspires you to go through the seasons and live
Come hail, come storm, your best you must always give
Get informed, never go through life being perpetually naive
Ignorance can eat you up and make you languish in grieve
Get transformed, learn a bit of all new things;at least in brief

Your dreams will not die, you just work in believe
Work hard with discipline and you shall have success and relieve
Do your bit, hook up and look up to God and you'll receive
It's all about your faith in your fate and not what others perceive
Keep pushing hard and your dreams you will at last achieve

-Gamel Sankarl


Meet Gamel Sankarl, The Ghanaian Writer Nominated for the BEFFTA UK Awards 2014

When a 13 year old Junior high School boy picked up a book and started reading, he was so captivated by the story that he promised himself that someday he will write a book that good.
But it was more dramatic circumstances that made him actually write his first book.
Like many teenagers, this boy had a crush on a sweet girl. They grew up together as friends and developed feelings for each other as time passed. The lady was first to notice this feeling and she did all she could but this guy did not make a move. The night the naive young boy finally found the  courage to propose to the lady, years had passed and he was too late. She was dating somebody else and the boy was left heartbroken !
So what does a devasted young man do when he is heartbroken ? He writes his pain away. That night, this shattered boy started pouring his pain on paper and by sunrise, he had produced a  chapter. From heartbreak, emerged a writer whose words warm hearts.
That was years ago.
Today, Gamel Sankarl is a BEFFTA nominated author who made Ghana proud by being one of the few Ghanaians nominated in the category of Best Author – BEFFTA UK Awards 2014. Although the award was ultimately won by Maureen Elizabeth Worrell, Gamel’s story inspires many up and coming writers.
According to the author with 8 books on the shelf and 6 more unpublished titles under his belt, his sucess can only come from  God. On the human level, his consistency ,ever since he started writing his first book while a first year student in the University of Cape Coast, has also paid off.
Writing has given Gamel some exciting life experiences. He fondly remembers the day he launched his fourth book. Just before the launch, His Head of Department approached him and gave him money for the launch event. Gamel couldn’t believe his luck when the head of department went on to give him a double offer- an opportunity to pursue his Master’s degree and a job in the department. Writing had just opened a double door!
But it is has not always been that positive. Surprisingly, some young people have refused to accept  his efforts. Someone once asked him ‘So what do you think you know to be able to write a book at your age ?’ He has also found it hard to sell his work and he had to fund some of his early work with personal savings and his student loan. Despite all these, Gamel keeps pressing . “People will always say whatever they like, but you should listen to the inner voice, not the many outer voices” he states.
To all you aspiring writers out there, Gamel says start by building your capacity. Also use the internet to establish networks with useful contacts. In his signature rhyme style, he says;
“You may currently be operating in a hole out of the whole world’s view. But if and only if you are wholeheartedly doing something right, someone will spot you right where you are and bring you right before the whole world’s view. Keep doing the right things the right way and the right people will help you claim your right spot at the right time”
Gamel’s latest book is titled ‘Author at any Age’. It is a rich book that details his starting out as a writer, producing his own work and dealing with the challenges that come with the life of an author. It is available in a book shop near you. If you are in Ghana, simply call 0245 130 342 for your copies.


Humans of Ghana feature- BEFFTA AWARDS, 2014

Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time.
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavoring to make an impact.

19 October
Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time. 
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavouring to make an impact.