Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A Heart of Gratitude:
I come to you with a heart of gratitude
You have no substitute
Amidst the vicissitudes
Your love is full in magnitude

Your love spans wider than the latitude
It is vertically lengthier than the longitude
This gives me fortitude
That you're God of the destitute

You sat with the multitudes
And thought the beatitudes
It makes me hopeful if I change my attitude
You'll take me to altitudes

When Satan held me in servitude
You rescued me and cemented my certitude
I believe in your rectitude
With adoration,I present my gratitude

Today,I'm full of joy and aptitude
You've been good even in my ineptitude
I want to tune my voice and harp to the highest amplitude
To humbly express my highest gratitude

Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!


Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!

Today is fathers day
So grateful;word can't say
You've been good all the way
And so I humbly pray
That longer you may stay
To enjoy your fruits feeling all gay

You've truely been a father
The only husband of our mother
You never shirked duty but to gather
Every bit of resources that matter
And brought them all together
To ensure our lives turned out better

You're the best friend we ever had
You never wanted to see us sad
Even when we strayed and did bad
And it did make you get so mad
You kept your calm because we were lads
You restrained from giving up on us, you're our dad

Today is your day,daddy
We want you to be happy
You forfeited being all charming and dandy
So we won't feel all sappy
Nor have a cause to be weepy
You've paid your dues,so be happy

Have a Hearty Happy Dad's Day,Daddy!


Teamwork makes the Dream work.- Gamel Sankarl

'If you always Conform to the norm, you can't Transform and stay above the norm'- Gamel Sankarl

'If you lack the Strategy, don't launch out else you'll lash out and slack in Tragedy'-Gamel Sankarl

If you consistently get yourself educated,you will remain informed and relevant but if you insistently remain uninformed and ignorant, you'll be Relegated. Don't get Relegated. Do get Educated. Remain Relevant' -Gamel Sankarl

'He who sticks out his neck readily without a prior plan will soon sell out his neck easily without a proper price' - Gamel Sankarl

'If your presence doesn't add to the experience of the moment, then your absence wouldn't make a difference during that moment.Don't make your abscence to be felt in your presence.Always give people an exciting experience in your presence and your absence will make a difference' -Gamel Sankarl

'Rain or shine;with God you will Reign and Shine.Make God your Companion and God will make you His Champion'-Gamel Sankarl

'They said;your messages are way ahead of your age.I smiled and said;my messages are from the the mess I made over the ages and the pages I read from the sages'-Gamel Sankarl

'Shun those who discourage you.Hang out with those who encourage you,their words have a way of building the courage in you'-Gamel Sankarl

'Dear Pal;you're the stakeholder of your life.Take the stakes/risks.Make the mistakes.If you don't take a step and skate,your progress will be at stake.Take some lessons and walk your way up to the peak.If you don't risk something, you won't make anything.Go risk it and make it' -Gamel Sankarl

'Complaining or explaining doesn't result in obtaining.The attainment of any worthy target comes with maintaining your focus and sustaining your consistentcy'-Gamel Sankarl

'A father is not only a source but also a resource.You only earn the right to be called a father when you've been responsible and resourceful to those who look up to you.You're a father when you make it possible for those who look up to you to go farther than how far you've gone yourself' -Gamel Sankarl

'I call any man who has helped me seen farther than how far I had seen before I got to know him a father'-Gamel Sankarl

'This one thing I know;that when you make God your all in all,you'll never bounce and fall.He will scale you over your wall.And make you stand tall.So you can answer your life's call.Call on God and make him your all in all'-Gamel Sankarl




Leadership in my opinion has more to do with taking charge of your life primarily and being in charge of others secondarily. A true leader is one who has exemplified himself in his personal affairs. One who has made his life worth emulating by taking charge of his abilities and turning them into opportunities that make his life better as well as that of those around him. Leadership is first a responsibility; thus, responding/reacting with your ability to the issues of life and making reasonable results out of them.
Leadership as the name depicts is built on two fundamental branches, which to me are; leader and ship. Thus, Leadership = leader + ship.
To lead therefore implies you need a ship and the ship in this sense encompasses your potentials (abilities, knowledge, skills) and the people (family and friends) around you. You are first the leader of your own life before that of others. And so if you can adequately put yourself in check and lead your own life using your potentials/gifts, then you’ll indirectly attract other people with your potential and lead them as well. Truth is, true leaders are those that can adequately take charge, calculatedly change things and effectively control affairs in their area of gifting. A leader in my definition therefore is an in-charge person, a change agent and a captain of his abilities and his allies. Anyone who leads in his area of giftedness becomes great. The reason being that, he/she deploys his/her seeds or gifts and this in turn produces the best of fruits. And these fruits attract other people or followers who desire your fruits and would want to have more of such. Your fruits then become a source of attraction to your followers. The multitude followed Jesus because he had fruits (ability to teach, heal, deliver, feed them etc.) they wanted. He was successful as a leader because he led in his area of gifting. If he had none of these gifts or any other gifts, he wouldn’t have led well. In fact he would have failed. Much the same way, any leader who wants to succeed must lead in their area of gifting.
Taking cue from what I just explained, leadership operates on the principle of action and attraction. When you activate your potentials/abilities or gifts and act on them you’ll soon attract their corresponding followership in the form of people/ family or friends. The choices you make as a leader will determine the consequences you get. Leadership is more than just having a position. It is functional and not positional. Leadership is cause and all else in life is its effect. Your reaction as a leader reflects the results you make in your life and in that of those whom you lead.
A lot of leadership experts have ascribed many attributes of leadership but the following resonates the most with my perception of a true leader;
A leader is a courageous captain. He’s the lead decision maker and ensures that he initiates interventions and gives directions to enable his team achieve their goals as a group.
A true leader is a person of integrity. He is very honest and goes by the same principles/policies whether there are onlookers or not. He’s true to himself and to his followers.
He is passionate yet a compassionate team player. He is passionate about positively propelling his people to achieve their common purpose but that doesn’t make him becloud his compassion for his people. He ensures that they are all happy and healthy to reach their goals through synergy.
A true leader understands that sometimes he has to take the back seat and be a follower so others can be given the chance to learn and take over in his absence. He understands that you can’t be a leader and a follower at the same time and that sometime you should lean back and learn from others.
A lot can be said about leadership but for now let’s end on the note that, leadership operates on the principle of action and attraction. It moves on the wheels of cause and effect. It revolves around choices and consequences. Good leaders make good choices and good choices result in consequences that cause compelling changes. As a leader, you must choose right in order to lead right. Choose Right!