Friday, 7 November 2014



In your heart of hearts lies a dominant dream
A dream you wish could flow out of you like a stream
A dream that will spice your life with sweetness like ice cream
A dream that will bring you bliss till you scream
A dream that you simply wish could come true in reams

But sometimes life's twists and turns can burn you like steam
It can stress you till you lose your gleam
It can even make you turn off your rays of beam
But such is life so you must not give up on your whims
Keep that big dream alive and get a trustworthy team

Find a reason that inspires you to go through the seasons and live
Come hail, come storm, your best you must always give
Get informed, never go through life being perpetually naive
Ignorance can eat you up and make you languish in grieve
Get transformed, learn a bit of all new things;at least in brief

Your dreams will not die, you just work in believe
Work hard with discipline and you shall have success and relieve
Do your bit, hook up and look up to God and you'll receive
It's all about your faith in your fate and not what others perceive
Keep pushing hard and your dreams you will at last achieve

-Gamel Sankarl


Meet Gamel Sankarl, The Ghanaian Writer Nominated for the BEFFTA UK Awards 2014

When a 13 year old Junior high School boy picked up a book and started reading, he was so captivated by the story that he promised himself that someday he will write a book that good.
But it was more dramatic circumstances that made him actually write his first book.
Like many teenagers, this boy had a crush on a sweet girl. They grew up together as friends and developed feelings for each other as time passed. The lady was first to notice this feeling and she did all she could but this guy did not make a move. The night the naive young boy finally found the  courage to propose to the lady, years had passed and he was too late. She was dating somebody else and the boy was left heartbroken !
So what does a devasted young man do when he is heartbroken ? He writes his pain away. That night, this shattered boy started pouring his pain on paper and by sunrise, he had produced a  chapter. From heartbreak, emerged a writer whose words warm hearts.
That was years ago.
Today, Gamel Sankarl is a BEFFTA nominated author who made Ghana proud by being one of the few Ghanaians nominated in the category of Best Author – BEFFTA UK Awards 2014. Although the award was ultimately won by Maureen Elizabeth Worrell, Gamel’s story inspires many up and coming writers.
According to the author with 8 books on the shelf and 6 more unpublished titles under his belt, his sucess can only come from  God. On the human level, his consistency ,ever since he started writing his first book while a first year student in the University of Cape Coast, has also paid off.
Writing has given Gamel some exciting life experiences. He fondly remembers the day he launched his fourth book. Just before the launch, His Head of Department approached him and gave him money for the launch event. Gamel couldn’t believe his luck when the head of department went on to give him a double offer- an opportunity to pursue his Master’s degree and a job in the department. Writing had just opened a double door!
But it is has not always been that positive. Surprisingly, some young people have refused to accept  his efforts. Someone once asked him ‘So what do you think you know to be able to write a book at your age ?’ He has also found it hard to sell his work and he had to fund some of his early work with personal savings and his student loan. Despite all these, Gamel keeps pressing . “People will always say whatever they like, but you should listen to the inner voice, not the many outer voices” he states.
To all you aspiring writers out there, Gamel says start by building your capacity. Also use the internet to establish networks with useful contacts. In his signature rhyme style, he says;
“You may currently be operating in a hole out of the whole world’s view. But if and only if you are wholeheartedly doing something right, someone will spot you right where you are and bring you right before the whole world’s view. Keep doing the right things the right way and the right people will help you claim your right spot at the right time”
Gamel’s latest book is titled ‘Author at any Age’. It is a rich book that details his starting out as a writer, producing his own work and dealing with the challenges that come with the life of an author. It is available in a book shop near you. If you are in Ghana, simply call 0245 130 342 for your copies.


Humans of Ghana feature- BEFFTA AWARDS, 2014

Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time.
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavoring to make an impact.

19 October
Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time. 
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavouring to make an impact.



What dream is it that you desire to achieve?
It is possible only if you work in believe
Once you gather the fortitude to conceive
At the appointed time,you'll receive

Your desire to hold on to what you perceive
Is what will bring you the needed relieve
Flaunt this advise and you will meet with grieve
Lazy folks have none but themselves to deceive

You might fail a few times but decide to relive
Don't contemplate on bowing out or taking a leave
Take a bold stance and your future, weave
With the last of your abilities make a heave

Difficulties are part of the winning process, so don't be naive
Walk past every seeming challenge swiftly like a thief
Haste may gain on you but don't peddle in any mischief
With such disposition you will never achieve nor become a chief

Your dream is a done deal, keep believing
Sooner or later you will start receiving
Don't lose your hope,there's worth in conceiving
Its a matter of time;hang on,you'll see yourself achieving

-Gamel Sankarl

Gamelian Gems 16

'Peak performers toiled in pursuit to get to the peak. You must pursue before you can subdue. Pursuit is putting down your 'suit' and getting your hands soiled so the dream can become a reality. Pursue and in due course you will subdue' -Gamel Sankarl
How you've been divinely designed defines the destiny you've been assigned to fulfill. Check the signs; if you don't fit in, you won't fill. Just resign and go find your bliss before you develop blisters' - Gamel Sankarl
Dear Partner:..'Stop telling me you care lots about me when all you do is to scare me to nuts

'You are a clay model given the breath of life to play a role and bring life into the lives of many as a role model. Don't just fold your hands and hold yourself in; that's being cold. Be bold. Go forth and Share your glitter. You're gold' -Gamel Sankarl
When your message finds its target audience, it won't be placed in a cage. It will definitely find its passage and reach out to others and before you know it you'll be feeling like a sage' -Gamel Sankarl

'Every mantle comes with its own battles.If what is on the inside of you impels you strongly then what is on the outside of you cannot repel you wrongly.If you insist on fulfilling your mantle then you'll be able to resist setbacks,fight your battles and forge on ahead into victory and make history' -Gamel Sankarl
'If you follow your bliss, you'll not only make your life blissful but beautiful as well. You will simply be a bliss to yourself as a person and a blessing to other people as their partners. Follow your bliss and bless your fellows!' - Gamel Sankarl
The ideas that have the most of your attention over time become the ideals that run your life. Such ideals when implemented compel you to make impact and find their way to propel other people who look up to you to make impact too. Be watchful what ideas and ideals you keep to heart;they either make you improved and impactful or inconsequential or impoverished' -Gamel Sankarl

Be mindful of this; while you anticipate on the things of tomorrow, make time to participate in the things of today. Much as you can't live in the present until you leave the past so will you not settle in your tomorrow until you set off from your todaY - Gamel Sankarl

'This is the confidence I have in my God; His providences are enough evidences to show that He cares enough to share enough'-Gamel Sankarl

God's decree can take you places your degree can't. When He declares, the road becomes clear.When He takes His place in your life,He leads you through the stairs till you arrive at the place where He has prepared a chair for you' -Gamel Sankarl

'The words you heed to, you will definitely feed on. The words you feed on sprouts seeds in you. These seeds will most likely become deeds that solve needs or weeds that cause more problems. If the words you feed on do not help you fulfill your needs then advice yourself on who to heed to' -Gamel Sankarl

The devil will always hatch an evil agenda to conceal from you what God wants to reveal to you.Don't allow him steal your bliss. Deal with him squarely and heal your life. Do this; seal a deal with God. Entrust your all to Him. With Him on your side and by your side, the devil can't stop you from getting to the next level'-Gamel Sankarl

'Make a firm resolve to find a better way and solve that persistent problem and you will be making a better way for that prospective promotion to come your way' -Gamel Sankarl

'Be motivated to get your ability activated. Build your capability and build your capacity. There will come a time that these will captivate those who appreciate them and they will help elevate you to the peak' -Gamel Sankarl

'Never take a brisk walk into one, when it becomes necessary to take a risk'- Gamel Sankarl

When you lack the alacrity to excel, you lurk behind and lose your temerity to expel mediocrity. Don't expel yourself from the race. You have the grace to excel'- Gamel Sankarl

'You may be currently operating in a hole out of the whole world's view. But if and only if you are wholeheartedly doing something right, someone will spot you right where you are and bring you right before the whole world's view. Keep doing the right things the right way and the right people will help you claim your right spot at the right time'- Gamel Sankarl



And so I decided to pastime writing this poetivation


From the onset of life you've been around,Oh Alpha
You're the God that heals us so we call you,Rapha
Your words,so sweet as stew made from leaves of alfalfa
For our sake you make our enemies burn in furnance of sulphur
And so we sing your praise using musical notes of sol-fa

Our trust is in you, for with you Alpha we will go far
it doesn't matter our life's battle or our war
You're our present help;we will scale over the bar
And we will do so faster even without a car
Because you have anointed us with oil from your own jar

All of life begun in you and will end in you,Oh Omega
We're hopeful that in you our lives will be made mega
With you we have no cause to worry over any saga
Your love for us simply makes us go gaga
That's why we sing to you in hip pop, high-life and ragga

Oh God, we know you have our interest as part of your agenda
You deliver us every now and then from any seeming danger
You don't deal with us according to our sins even in your anger
Oh thou Prince of heaven,begotten of God, yet born in a manger
Accept our humble adoration, our ranger, our life's manager

-Gamel Sankarl