Friday, 7 November 2014



In your heart of hearts lies a dominant dream
A dream you wish could flow out of you like a stream
A dream that will spice your life with sweetness like ice cream
A dream that will bring you bliss till you scream
A dream that you simply wish could come true in reams

But sometimes life's twists and turns can burn you like steam
It can stress you till you lose your gleam
It can even make you turn off your rays of beam
But such is life so you must not give up on your whims
Keep that big dream alive and get a trustworthy team

Find a reason that inspires you to go through the seasons and live
Come hail, come storm, your best you must always give
Get informed, never go through life being perpetually naive
Ignorance can eat you up and make you languish in grieve
Get transformed, learn a bit of all new things;at least in brief

Your dreams will not die, you just work in believe
Work hard with discipline and you shall have success and relieve
Do your bit, hook up and look up to God and you'll receive
It's all about your faith in your fate and not what others perceive
Keep pushing hard and your dreams you will at last achieve

-Gamel Sankarl

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