Friday, 7 November 2014



What dream is it that you desire to achieve?
It is possible only if you work in believe
Once you gather the fortitude to conceive
At the appointed time,you'll receive

Your desire to hold on to what you perceive
Is what will bring you the needed relieve
Flaunt this advise and you will meet with grieve
Lazy folks have none but themselves to deceive

You might fail a few times but decide to relive
Don't contemplate on bowing out or taking a leave
Take a bold stance and your future, weave
With the last of your abilities make a heave

Difficulties are part of the winning process, so don't be naive
Walk past every seeming challenge swiftly like a thief
Haste may gain on you but don't peddle in any mischief
With such disposition you will never achieve nor become a chief

Your dream is a done deal, keep believing
Sooner or later you will start receiving
Don't lose your hope,there's worth in conceiving
Its a matter of time;hang on,you'll see yourself achieving

-Gamel Sankarl

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