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In your heart of hearts lies a dominant dream
A dream you wish could flow out of you like a stream
A dream that will spice your life with sweetness like ice cream
A dream that will bring you bliss till you scream
A dream that you simply wish could come true in reams

But sometimes life's twists and turns can burn you like steam
It can stress you till you lose your gleam
It can even make you turn off your rays of beam
But such is life so you must not give up on your whims
Keep that big dream alive and get a trustworthy team

Find a reason that inspires you to go through the seasons and live
Come hail, come storm, your best you must always give
Get informed, never go through life being perpetually naive
Ignorance can eat you up and make you languish in grieve
Get transformed, learn a bit of all new things;at least in brief

Your dreams will not die, you just work in believe
Work hard with discipline and you shall have success and relieve
Do your bit, hook up and look up to God and you'll receive
It's all about your faith in your fate and not what others perceive
Keep pushing hard and your dreams you will at last achieve

-Gamel Sankarl


Meet Gamel Sankarl, The Ghanaian Writer Nominated for the BEFFTA UK Awards 2014

When a 13 year old Junior high School boy picked up a book and started reading, he was so captivated by the story that he promised himself that someday he will write a book that good.
But it was more dramatic circumstances that made him actually write his first book.
Like many teenagers, this boy had a crush on a sweet girl. They grew up together as friends and developed feelings for each other as time passed. The lady was first to notice this feeling and she did all she could but this guy did not make a move. The night the naive young boy finally found the  courage to propose to the lady, years had passed and he was too late. She was dating somebody else and the boy was left heartbroken !
So what does a devasted young man do when he is heartbroken ? He writes his pain away. That night, this shattered boy started pouring his pain on paper and by sunrise, he had produced a  chapter. From heartbreak, emerged a writer whose words warm hearts.
That was years ago.
Today, Gamel Sankarl is a BEFFTA nominated author who made Ghana proud by being one of the few Ghanaians nominated in the category of Best Author – BEFFTA UK Awards 2014. Although the award was ultimately won by Maureen Elizabeth Worrell, Gamel’s story inspires many up and coming writers.
According to the author with 8 books on the shelf and 6 more unpublished titles under his belt, his sucess can only come from  God. On the human level, his consistency ,ever since he started writing his first book while a first year student in the University of Cape Coast, has also paid off.
Writing has given Gamel some exciting life experiences. He fondly remembers the day he launched his fourth book. Just before the launch, His Head of Department approached him and gave him money for the launch event. Gamel couldn’t believe his luck when the head of department went on to give him a double offer- an opportunity to pursue his Master’s degree and a job in the department. Writing had just opened a double door!
But it is has not always been that positive. Surprisingly, some young people have refused to accept  his efforts. Someone once asked him ‘So what do you think you know to be able to write a book at your age ?’ He has also found it hard to sell his work and he had to fund some of his early work with personal savings and his student loan. Despite all these, Gamel keeps pressing . “People will always say whatever they like, but you should listen to the inner voice, not the many outer voices” he states.
To all you aspiring writers out there, Gamel says start by building your capacity. Also use the internet to establish networks with useful contacts. In his signature rhyme style, he says;
“You may currently be operating in a hole out of the whole world’s view. But if and only if you are wholeheartedly doing something right, someone will spot you right where you are and bring you right before the whole world’s view. Keep doing the right things the right way and the right people will help you claim your right spot at the right time”
Gamel’s latest book is titled ‘Author at any Age’. It is a rich book that details his starting out as a writer, producing his own work and dealing with the challenges that come with the life of an author. It is available in a book shop near you. If you are in Ghana, simply call 0245 130 342 for your copies.


Humans of Ghana feature- BEFFTA AWARDS, 2014

Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time.
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavoring to make an impact.

19 October
Some weeks back, I met this wonderful author and it's good to know
that he is still persistent in his writing upon meeting him the second time. 
After interacting with him, I realized that he has also been nominated for a Global Awards programme. I'm glad to know we the youth are endeavouring to make an impact.



What dream is it that you desire to achieve?
It is possible only if you work in believe
Once you gather the fortitude to conceive
At the appointed time,you'll receive

Your desire to hold on to what you perceive
Is what will bring you the needed relieve
Flaunt this advise and you will meet with grieve
Lazy folks have none but themselves to deceive

You might fail a few times but decide to relive
Don't contemplate on bowing out or taking a leave
Take a bold stance and your future, weave
With the last of your abilities make a heave

Difficulties are part of the winning process, so don't be naive
Walk past every seeming challenge swiftly like a thief
Haste may gain on you but don't peddle in any mischief
With such disposition you will never achieve nor become a chief

Your dream is a done deal, keep believing
Sooner or later you will start receiving
Don't lose your hope,there's worth in conceiving
Its a matter of time;hang on,you'll see yourself achieving

-Gamel Sankarl

Gamelian Gems 16

'Peak performers toiled in pursuit to get to the peak. You must pursue before you can subdue. Pursuit is putting down your 'suit' and getting your hands soiled so the dream can become a reality. Pursue and in due course you will subdue' -Gamel Sankarl
How you've been divinely designed defines the destiny you've been assigned to fulfill. Check the signs; if you don't fit in, you won't fill. Just resign and go find your bliss before you develop blisters' - Gamel Sankarl
Dear Partner:..'Stop telling me you care lots about me when all you do is to scare me to nuts

'You are a clay model given the breath of life to play a role and bring life into the lives of many as a role model. Don't just fold your hands and hold yourself in; that's being cold. Be bold. Go forth and Share your glitter. You're gold' -Gamel Sankarl
When your message finds its target audience, it won't be placed in a cage. It will definitely find its passage and reach out to others and before you know it you'll be feeling like a sage' -Gamel Sankarl

'Every mantle comes with its own battles.If what is on the inside of you impels you strongly then what is on the outside of you cannot repel you wrongly.If you insist on fulfilling your mantle then you'll be able to resist setbacks,fight your battles and forge on ahead into victory and make history' -Gamel Sankarl
'If you follow your bliss, you'll not only make your life blissful but beautiful as well. You will simply be a bliss to yourself as a person and a blessing to other people as their partners. Follow your bliss and bless your fellows!' - Gamel Sankarl
The ideas that have the most of your attention over time become the ideals that run your life. Such ideals when implemented compel you to make impact and find their way to propel other people who look up to you to make impact too. Be watchful what ideas and ideals you keep to heart;they either make you improved and impactful or inconsequential or impoverished' -Gamel Sankarl

Be mindful of this; while you anticipate on the things of tomorrow, make time to participate in the things of today. Much as you can't live in the present until you leave the past so will you not settle in your tomorrow until you set off from your todaY - Gamel Sankarl

'This is the confidence I have in my God; His providences are enough evidences to show that He cares enough to share enough'-Gamel Sankarl

God's decree can take you places your degree can't. When He declares, the road becomes clear.When He takes His place in your life,He leads you through the stairs till you arrive at the place where He has prepared a chair for you' -Gamel Sankarl

'The words you heed to, you will definitely feed on. The words you feed on sprouts seeds in you. These seeds will most likely become deeds that solve needs or weeds that cause more problems. If the words you feed on do not help you fulfill your needs then advice yourself on who to heed to' -Gamel Sankarl

The devil will always hatch an evil agenda to conceal from you what God wants to reveal to you.Don't allow him steal your bliss. Deal with him squarely and heal your life. Do this; seal a deal with God. Entrust your all to Him. With Him on your side and by your side, the devil can't stop you from getting to the next level'-Gamel Sankarl

'Make a firm resolve to find a better way and solve that persistent problem and you will be making a better way for that prospective promotion to come your way' -Gamel Sankarl

'Be motivated to get your ability activated. Build your capability and build your capacity. There will come a time that these will captivate those who appreciate them and they will help elevate you to the peak' -Gamel Sankarl

'Never take a brisk walk into one, when it becomes necessary to take a risk'- Gamel Sankarl

When you lack the alacrity to excel, you lurk behind and lose your temerity to expel mediocrity. Don't expel yourself from the race. You have the grace to excel'- Gamel Sankarl

'You may be currently operating in a hole out of the whole world's view. But if and only if you are wholeheartedly doing something right, someone will spot you right where you are and bring you right before the whole world's view. Keep doing the right things the right way and the right people will help you claim your right spot at the right time'- Gamel Sankarl



And so I decided to pastime writing this poetivation


From the onset of life you've been around,Oh Alpha
You're the God that heals us so we call you,Rapha
Your words,so sweet as stew made from leaves of alfalfa
For our sake you make our enemies burn in furnance of sulphur
And so we sing your praise using musical notes of sol-fa

Our trust is in you, for with you Alpha we will go far
it doesn't matter our life's battle or our war
You're our present help;we will scale over the bar
And we will do so faster even without a car
Because you have anointed us with oil from your own jar

All of life begun in you and will end in you,Oh Omega
We're hopeful that in you our lives will be made mega
With you we have no cause to worry over any saga
Your love for us simply makes us go gaga
That's why we sing to you in hip pop, high-life and ragga

Oh God, we know you have our interest as part of your agenda
You deliver us every now and then from any seeming danger
You don't deal with us according to our sins even in your anger
Oh thou Prince of heaven,begotten of God, yet born in a manger
Accept our humble adoration, our ranger, our life's manager

-Gamel Sankarl

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Gamelian Gems 15

'If your inner small voice encourages you that you've been mandated to do something,never you allow an outer stern voice discourage you nor get you intimidated that you're meant for nothing'- Gamel Sankarl

'Hang around folks that inspire you to abolish your doubts and fears and you will catch some fire to burn those doubts and fears and establish your dream empire' -Gamel Sankarl

Skilful people have expensive price tags simply because they put in extensive efforts to make themselves priceless.When you put an intensive demand on your innate abilities and develop them into saleable skills with great initiatives, you determine your incentives. Make your ability an asset. Make your skill saleable'- Gamel Sankarl

Our connection to the Almighty King makes us royals. We are princes and princess'. And our royalty is sustained by our loyalty to the supreme King. Royals are loyal. Take a chance to stay and remain loyal to God. And maintain your stance as a royal in God' -Gamel Sankarl

The vision is often bigger and invisible at the beginning. But must that scare you into giving up on it? NO! Rather, focus on the division of the vision into smaller and more visible sizes. That way, you'll ensure clarity, employ your ability,endure tenacity and engage in the needed activity till you experience its reality'- Gamel Sankarl

Mostly, when you assume and neglect the details of an issue it bounces back to consume you with what it entails in the long run. Don't always neglect the details of an issue and make way for regrets. Take time to reflect on it and you won't deflect from the right way nor regret you did' -Gamel Sankarl

'To earn and make the kill or deal successfully, you must first learn the skill necessary to seal the deal successfully' -Gamel Sankarl

God's affirmation as enshrined in scripture is enough for you to claim that big picture.Don't wait on man's confirmation. They may never affirm nor confirm for you. As long as God confirms He's committed to holding you firmly. God ahead and build that firm' -Gamel Sankarl

It is good if you sympathized with me in my pity party but don't you think I'd be better off if you constructively chastised me to pick up myself and push for the peak? If you cherish me, don't let me perish pitying myself. Help me conquer my obstacle and pick myself up for the pinnacle' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you have a fussy gaze on life, chances are you will be in a maze and daze through life without anything to amaze or inspire others for greatness. Fix your gaze well, clear your eyes off the daze, wave through the maze and amaze yourself' -Gamel Sankarl

'No one is above reproach.Never take all reproaches very personal. Sometimes people express their love for you through reproach and not to encroach on your freedom of expression. They do so to alert you to take a new approach towards life so you can move forward in life' -Gamel Sankarl

Those who often pray and trust in God don't go astray or drift from the thrust of their lives.When you pray for the right way, you won't shift and sway onto the wrong way' -Gamel Sankarl

Mostly your opinions are not any different from those of your companions. To have opinions that wield dominion then you must commit to peeling some onions; read and connect with the opinions of champions. And before you know it, you would have rubbed off enough to give your opinions some dominion' -Gamel Sankarl

'Curiosity sparks the flame of creativity. Curiosity and creativity are good fellows.Wherever a worthy curiosity leads, a worhtwhile creativity follows.Be curious but most importantly be serious about being creative with your curiousity'- Gamel Sankarl

There's magic in logic. When you try to reason logically, you tend to react magically. Give your attention to logical thinking and you will attract magical things in life'-Gamel Sankarl

'What makes you distinct is your instinct. Tuition is essential for impact but its a blend of tuition and intuition that makes one influential and exceptional' -Gamel Sankarl

Don't just be a body of walking knowledge.Be a body of working applicable knowledge' -Gamel Sankarl

Want to become a big shot? Then be ready to get into the craze for being big. Trace the path of trail blazers. Embrace the principles they teach. Brace yourself for the pursuit. Ask for God's grace.And work for the raise!' -Gamel Sankarl

Gamelian Gems 14

'Don't pride yourself with the potential of being reproductive.Do so with the essential of being productive as well. It is when your ability to reproduce complements your ability to produce that your life becomes complete'- Gamel Sankarl

When you ensure the right thing is done, you insure yourself against the wrong thing. Give yourself some assurance. Work on your insurance' -Gamel Sankarl
When you spare some time to prepare well, you will not go through the scare of spending some spare time to make repairs'-Gamel Sankarl
The more you continually get yourself updated, the more you consistently outdistance yourself from being outdated.Until you make a conscious commitment to stay updated and upgrade yourself, you will gradually degrade and get outdated'- Gamel Sankarl

'The day you refuse to please people will be the day you will release and appease yourself.Don't squeeze yourself to fit in peoples boxes, you might end up in pieces.Put yourself at ease and you will be at peace with yourself' -Gamel Sankarl
Your potential is an essential entity in your quest to be influential in life. When potential is put to the test, it births experience and expertise and these are the essentials of which credentials are made. Be prudential while taking relevant risks in life, build credentials and you'll be influencial in life' -Gamel Sankarl
Don't always blame it on your opposition. Sometimes its not their imposition that is fast making you lose your position, it may be as a result of your disposition. Disposition counts, don't lose your position to your opposition because of your disposition. Work on it and make it count. When you make your disposition count, you will be counted in for the topmost position' -Gamel Sankarl
To express yourself and impress on others about the worth of your works, you need the right platform.With the right platform, you can make a good expression, form a great impression and transform potential clients into potent clients. You don't necessary have to conform to the status quo, if what exists doesn't work for you, form your own status and platform and use it to transform prospects into clients' -Gamel Sankarl
Keep your hopes alive. When your hopes are high, you can cope till the end despite the scope of your situation.Your hope is akin to a rope that pulls you toward your goals.Keep hopes alive and God will help you cope till you make those goals come alive'- Gamel Sankarl
When you recognize the significance of order in life, you will learn to organize your life such that your actions synchronize with your aspirations. Truth is when your life becomes organized you would have no cause to agonize over how it will turn out. You have it figured out. Much the same way, if you organize and ensure your products synchronize with your brand promise you would have no cause to agonize on who will patronize your products' -Gamel Sankarl

Gamelian Gems 13

Relax! Don't be sorry for your agony. Don't even worry about the acrimony. God is your attorney. He will supply you with what to say. He will show you what to do. Make a choice to rejoice in the Lord and He'll give you a testimony to share' -Gamel Sankarl

Any worthy and innovative initiative has the potential of making an immense impact when implemented. If you wish to make impact; ask yourself, what is my innovation? Find the answer and find your motivation. Once you have motivation you will prime the pump of your innovation and sooner or later you will have an elevation in life' -Gamel Sankarl

'Too many people are doing too many things on social media.But the point is this; what you do either helps you to manage or damage your image. Your profile is a file that contains your cover letter and CV. Your daily posts constitute a poster of your most cherished life ideals. And so the big questions are;'how are you profiling here? And what are you posting here on social media? Learn to profile well and learn to post well. You're either managing or damaging your image here and the world is watching' -Gamel Sankarl

If you run your life based on premonitions then you've already armed yourself with destructive ammunition. No amount of admonition can help salvage your situation.It is only when you desist from chronic premonitions that admonitions will assist you develop your life' -Gamel Sankarl

From one I learn what to do in life and from another I learn what not to do in life. From both friends and foes we learn some life lessons. Don't close your mind to this, have an open mind to it, its a fact of life.Live fully. Learn to live and live to learn' -Gamel Sankarl

'Reading and reciting results in the acquisition of information. It is Reacting and running with what has been read/heard that results in transformation'-Gamel Sankarl

Rise to the challenge that most scares you lest that challenge will rise and scale up to you and surprise you. Face it squarely or else it will phase you out squarely' -Gamel Sankarl

When a seasoned speaker speaks a word in season to you, he gives you a reson to live the seasons of your life' -Gamel Sankarl

'When pepole you admire inspire you, you get a desire to aspire for more, acquire more and do more to get all that you desire in life' -Gamel Sankarl

The way you package yourself as a person and/or your product to a larger extent determines whether you will be relegated and put in a cage or elevated and put on a stage' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you want to be productive and more active each day, then find a deductive motive each day to act and do so with tact' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you're not directly planning for a fortune then chances are that you're indirectly planning for a misfortune. Consciously plan to achieve a feat lest you'll unconsciously plan to receive a defeat'- Gamel Sankarl

'When you partner with the right people you garner enough energy to form a synergy and gather enough resources to grow stronger together in order to move farther' -Gamel Sankarl

Often times, the best way to hold yourself accountable is to be bold and take responsibility for your irresponsiblity. Don't be cold and scold others' -Gamel Sankarl

Any success chalked that does not result in significance is an insignificant success and does not deserve to be talked much about' -Gamel Sankarl

Friday, 22 August 2014

Better Is Better. Book Review 2

For most books, you stop reading the moment you read the first page but not with Better Is Better, I felt there was something in it for me which I have to find, and that urged me on to keep reading. I felt the message was really meant for me and to be honest I will just sum up this piece in two words; ‘Sensationally Inspirational’.
My favourite chapter was chapter three (3); A trusted team makes the dream work. Teaming up with others is something as Africans we do not really like to do. We do not like teamwork; everyone wants to do their own thing and be on their own and this is honestly slowing down our development. Maybe in future, you should consider writing a book in that regard, the need for teamwork and partnerships.
You have done a good job on this book, and everyone will fall in love with it when they come across it. I also love your Love for God and the fact that you acknowledge that we need Him to succeed.
Well done, Gamel. Kudos!

Emmanuel Azu-Mate, GHBase.Com

Book is available on Do grab your copy!

Better Is Better! - Book Review

Check this out; A review Jonathan did for 'Better Is Better'

The average human will rather settle for a life of mediocrity than challenge themselves to live beyond a certain set standard. Most often, people live in mundanity and mediocrity because of a lack of knowledge of their talent, and effective time management. As such, they settle for just anything and live life as it comes.

Gamel, a man who can best be described as one who’s lived the principles he’s shared in this book has carefully weaved one’s quest for talent discovery, and effectively utilising their time to live a life of excellence. In the book, “Better is Better”, he challenges the reader to take a hard look at their lives and ask themselves probing questions if they really deserve what they presently have.

Better is Better is for the ambitious man and woman out there who are frustrated, and have absolutely no clue as to what life holds in store for them. The book is carefully written in simple, and easy-to-comprehend manner for anyone of any level to understand and effectively utilise the principles shared.

Be you a singer, dancer, writer, footballer, dressmaker, mechanic, engineer, accountant, and whatnot, there’s something for you in Better is Better. You may be living at an acceptable level. But could there not be a better level? You may be thinking you are alright where you are. The truth, however, is there is more you can reach out for, and Better is Better can be that road map to help you get to that destination of a life of excellence.

Better is Better, is better indeed for he or she who wants to be better!

Jonathan Adzokpe, Author /Speaker, Show host of Motivational Arena

Book is available on Amazon. Do grab your copy!


'Your potentials/what you can do is admired by people but it is your credentials/what you have done that gets people inspired.We need your inspiration and not your intentions to make impact. Stop saying what you can do and start showing us what you have done'-Gamel Sankarl

Lets face it; a crown does not fit a clown and so does it not fit a head that always wears a frown on its face' - Gamel Sankarl

If you can't help but express your anger at the least provocation,then I'm sorry you have a cause to worry because your health is heading towards danger' -Gamel Sankarl

Never unleash your anger on a stranger. You never can tell, that stranger is likely to be the angel you've been expecting but never met'- Gamel Sankarl

The fact that you came from a low background doesn't mean you will forever be grounded at the back.Make a mental shift from an underground performer and reach for peak performance.Become committed to breaking barriers,then you will definitely not be omitted from making breakthroughs'-Gamel Sankarl

'If only you will drill deep and discover your gifts then you will thrill yourself as you cover the gap between you and your greatness' -Gamel Sankarl

Published Authors Affect Posterity - Gamel Sankarl

When you publish your ideas, you bequeath to posterity a legacy that will outlive you - Gamel Sankarl
When the right words are put in writing or spoken they right wrong and make things right'-Gamel Sankarl

'Everyone that did originate from God has the ability to dominate.God charged us to be in charge. As long as you're willing to pursue your purpose with diligence and discipline you will subdue in due time'- Gamel Sankarl


'Whatever it is that you allow to affect you will eventually have an effect on you in the long run'-Gamel Sankarl

At times all you need is a recess while going through the process, to assess your progress before you proceed again in your quest to get success. You can have access to success.Take a recess. Assess. Make progress.And Succeed!' -Gamel Sankarl
Without visibility your ability or productivity will be in obscuirty.Strategically position yourself. Position yourself at vantage points and you'll have points of advantage' -Gamel Sankarl
God has appointed and ordained you for an assignment.He will ensure you establish and accomplish that feat.No devil or demon hatched from the pits of hell can abolish or demolish that assignment and bring you disappointment. Cheer up. God has the wheels.Gear up and go get greatness; for What God has established,He watches over to get it accomplished' -Gamel Sankarl
'Lies are lies;be it black or white lies. When you habitually tell lies you are a liar and that's it. When you are caught, your rank will not matter and so will your prank. Just try your best to stay frank' -Gamel Sankarl

Give God all the glory for your success story.Anytime you claim the glory of your story, you take God for a ride and that's pride'- Gamel Sankarl
'Whenever you acknowledge God as your source,He grants you more knowledge and resource to advance in life.Take a chance and advance'-Gamel Sankarl
People who commend you are most likely to recommend you to other people. Always do what is worth a commendation and you will be making yourself worthy of recommendation'- Gamel Sankarl

'You want an advancement to the peak? You can have it! Just focus on an enhancement on your performance. If you will enhance on your tasks, you will advance to the top' -Gamel Sankarl
t is in your silence that your essence in life is revealed clearly to you.Some times you need some alone time. Don't deny yourself of that. It is in your moment of solitude that you can prepare for your mountain full of multittude' -Gamel Sankarl
This is a principle of life;you harvest what you sow. Yes! But you can't boil seeds and sow them expecting a harvest.Until you put the right seed in the soil, it doesn't matter the oil on your life, you will toil and have no harvest. Be honest to yourself.If the principles are not working the way they should then you are probably sowing boiled seeds. Make a recoil from your toil and check what you have put in the soil' -Gamel Sankarl

'You can't have a full realization of your revelation/vision if you are given to too much celebration. Too much celebration often results in too much deceleration. Make your revelation a reality.Focus on your acceleraion lest your celebration will soon gain on you'-Gamel Sankarl
When the situation makes you feel uneasy, take heart and try to take it easy.There's a reason for that season. It is only after you've gone through the seasons that you will become seasoned' -Gamel Sankarl
You may not have your dream come through this instant. But you may have it sometime in the distant future. The trip may be tough and rough sometimes. The bile will persist but for a while. Learn to be agile, keep your smile and you will have the courage to cover the miles and meet up with your dreams.Once you are alive your dreams may come alive' -Gamel Sankarl

Listening to/reading inspirational ideas challenges you but it is living/reacting to those motivational messages that changes you' -Gamel Sankarl

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Keep Hanging On. God will Make Your Story One with Glory. Enjoy this Poetivation!

Story With Glory

Everyone alive has some life story
They might not have chronicled in a diary
But in their hearts,they genuinely carry
A compelling message full of gory
That God can turn into good for His glory

Yes,we all carry a message in life like a lorry
Sure,the content of the message in our lorry may vary
When told,some may appear somewhat scary
Others come with emotions and tons of worry
And our listeners can't help but feel sorry

But that shouldn't prevent us from sharing our story
It may be too tall like a building of storey
But however short it maybe,bizzare and paltry
It teaches us to trust in God and not be in a hurry
Because every story with glory is perfected when we tarry

Your story may be interspersed with fury
And the future at a glance seems blurry
But don't quickly conclude like a confused jury
Such is life,Satan knows your end,so he quarry
Presenting you with reasons to doubt God and querry

Take heart,your case may at present be one of miry
However stay connected to God as one you marry
He understands your weary and will soon change your history
He will prepare and perfect your case into a hunky dory
Rejoice and relax in the Lord,He will make your story one with glory

-Gamel Sankarl



If you talk and do none of the talk
Then you won't have any success to chalk
Successful people dream and talk
But they stay awake and do the walk

Success comes when you walk your talk
You will languish in lack
If you only wish and sit in slack
Feeling its such a suck

Hear this, you must walk the talk
Live each day respecting the clock
Don't blend in with the naysayers of a flock
Else failure will give you some flogg

Build your life on a foundation of rock
With diligence,do so block by block
Keep awake and be on guard like a duck
And let no pessimist be a stumbling block

Do this long enough and you'll unlock
The doors that lead to the land of your luck
Then you'll swim in pools full of bucks
Walk that Talk

Gamel Sankarl


You just keep praising God and God will just keep raising you' -Gamel Sankarl

An arrow's speed is increased when it is pulled backwards and released.Much the same way, it is needful sometimes to take a few steps backwards, take appropriate measures and make a comeback to work towards moving forward.Stretch backwards;speed forward'-Gamel Sankarl

Whether it is obvious or oblivious to you;the truth is you're on a life's mission and you must start your ministry to fulfil it.Without a ministry you will live life in mystery, experience misery and leave this life with no glory nor history' -Gamel Sankarl

You can create your own tribute.Think less about accumulating attributes.Concentrate on developing your abilities.Distribute your abilities and Contribute to humanity' -Gamel Sankarl

You've been given a mandate and a mantle.Start living up to your mandate and Stop chasing the titles.For at the end of it all, it is what you were called to do that matters and not what you were called that matters'-Gamel Sankarl

When you combine ability and agility, you create a recipe that increases your possibility of landing an opportunity. If you have been expecting an opportunity, then, heed to this;to your ability,add agility!'-Gamel Sankarl

Becareful of what you crave for;sometimes that which you crave for can lead you to an early grave.
God never reneges on His promise.His promises are yes and Amen.Don't compromise your faith in Him;He will surely perfect His promise in your life' -Gamel Sankarl

To make a flight to the height you desire, you must not allow fright to push you into giving up the fight in you. You only have the right to what you fight for. Fight till your flight safely lands you in that height' -Gamel Sankarl

God did His part by giving you authority to complete your race in life.You have to do your part by using that grace and your audacity to compete and win the race of life' -Gamel Sankarl

He gave us the authority to be in charge but if you don't garner the audacity and be in charge,you will be at the bottom of life. You have a charge to keep.Take charge,Recharge and Be in Charge!

The future will not reject you if you project into it and plan for it ahead of its arrival.Don't get ejected from what life holds for you.Project into it and claim it'-Gamel Sankarl

'Scan the future with your mind's eye like a telescope.Study the scope of your future with your thinking faculties like a microscope.Seize the opportunities that stare you in the face. Learn to cope with the difficulties that come your way. Keep your hopes high each day and you will have a reason to smile in the end'-Gamel Sankarl


'The immunity against impulsive spending is spending time to bugget for your target items' -Gamel Sankarl

'Only if you will show concern for that problem will you discern a solution for it. Ignore it and it will intensify. Resist it and it will persist. Confront it and you're likely to conquer it' -Gamel Sankarl
'If you can conceptualize it long enough, then your chances to actualize it will get strong enough' -Gamel Sankarl

Keep conceiving and believing;you'll soon achieve that which you conceive.
You can trounce mediocrity and reach out for a life of excellence.Never allow naysayers to pounce on you and make you believe you're cut out for the average life.Critics will always have their say.But you can also always have your way.If it is to be, it is up to you.Make a resolution to always bounce back with a better solution and you'll become excellent' -Gamel Sankarl
Amidst the twists and turns of life you can still have a tremendous turnaround. Just seek for the right solutions in life and you will have a revolution in your life'-Gamel Sankarl
The more attention you give to the word of God, the more affection you develop for the God of the word.God is his Word;if you love him, love his word.
Your addiction for something is a prove of your conviction in that thing.Nothing happens until your believe in something is strong enough to propel you to make things happen' -Gamel Sankarl
Whenever you permit nonsense to be injected into you, you indirectly prevent common sense to be ejected out of you.Be Watchful; what enters into your mind, is likely to exit out of your mouth' -Gamel Sankarl
Never allow the notion of others spark your emotions; negative emotions can impair your own notion and impede your motion in life.Keep your notion,put your emotion under check and you'll keep being in motion' -Gamel Sankarl
The infusion of diligence and intelligence often results in the diffusion of excellence'-Gamel Sankarl
You may not have money in your hands let alone to host a ceremony in your house.But if you have harmony in your heart,you are good to go,so go make a testimony in God's house'-Gamel Sankarl
Information brings transformation but ignorance renders one impotent.If you have cogent information, you can make a potent influence and transform yourself and others.Wage war against ignorance, get informed and you'll be transformed'-Gamel Sankarl
Becareful not to get swayed by the applause, it may take you off the course.Pause and check if you're still fufilling the cause of your call'-Gamel Sankarl

Thursday, 17 July 2014


In Kingdom Linguistics; 'As you name and proclaim, you claim as well. Its simply;Recreate your world with your words' -Kingdom Ambassador, Gamel Sankarl

'Indecision is a form of decision. If you remain indecisive in any given situation or at any instance, you dole out your decision power and grant people permision to make decisions for you.This is it, you either decide or divide your decision power amongst those who care to decide for you'-Gamel Sankarl
'An amateur who makes conscious efforts to consistently improve on his craft is one who has mustered courage to make that craft luster, help himslef avoid disaster, grow faster and become a master of his chosen craft. Mediocre craftsmen are earmarked for disaster.Muster courage and be a master'-Gamel Sankarl
This is my conviction; that he who has developed an addiction for the things of God is immune to the inimical effects of man's eviction.He only exits one door so he can enter the next opened door prepared by God for him.Until you leave there you can't live in here.You have to be evicted so you can be admitted.You're immune to it all. Stay addicted and committed to God.
-Gamel Sankarl



Life is tough for all, be you female or male
A lot of pressing issues, it does entail
From complicated issues like the air we inhale
To minor ones like being disturbed due to the mail

Hardship pushes you to put up your treasure for sale
And the value offered may not march up to scale
This can break you down and make you so frail
As if you struggle so hard but to only fail
And it appears you will leave others no trail

Seasons will come that you will be at the tail
Situations will make you sad till you wail
Deals you have invested in and wish to nail
May all fall apart and put you in jail
And you may not get anyone to grant you bail

In all this, to God you should avail
Look up to Him and His name, hail
In prayer you should strongly travail
With time, things will pick up as you sail
Then you would at last win and prevail

Gamel Sankarl



'He who learns to keep his inspiration despite his perspiration is a few inches from achieving his aspirations' -Gamel Sankarl
'It doesn't matter the spectacle you have made of yourself in the past.It doesn't matter what an oracle has said about you nor does it what obstacle stands in your way presently.If you keep trusting God, He will have His way in your life and make way for your miracle to finally happen' -Gamel Sankarl
'Attend to your ultimate targets with focus and bravery and you will dispel the immediate trials and timidity that hold you in slavery' -Gamel Sankarl
'Today's breakdown are sometimes meant for tomorrow's breakthrough.Your disgrace sometimes is a disguise for your grace.Stay connected to God and His grace will see you through the race' -Gamel Sankarl
'You slack in tragedy largely because of your lack of strategy.Don't wander in wonder. Startegize. Settle down and Ponder' -Gamel Sankarl

'The consequence of your choice is so loud I can't hear your noise.Choices have voices.Too much talk and too less walk will bring you no success to chalk.Let the voice of your choice make the noise and you'll be heard. Stop the talk and start to walk that talk' -Gamel Sankarl

'One of two reasons influence our daily pursuits; its either desperation or inspiration.
Despiration drives you to pursue something(say, prosperity) to avoid something else(say, poverty) from pursuing you.Inspiration impels you to pursue something(passion) because you want to pursue and fulfil something(purpose)' -Gamel Sankarl
'Get this straight; a brain that is continually nourished,makes the life of its bearer gets flourished. One that gets no nourishemnt, gets its bearer's life fast perished'- Gamel Sankarl
'The more you concentrate on the Holy Spirit, the more companionship you develop with Him.When it comes to the Holy Spirit, your meditation attracts His visitation' -Gamel Sankarl
'You can always have a fresh new life if you're willing to refresh and begin afresh.There's always a second chance for the one who wills to have a way.Start anew and make a brand new ending'-Gamel Sankarl

As I pondered on 1Thes 5:18...'Be thankful in all circumstances...... I'm instructed to believe that;
'A grateful heart is a faithful heart' -Gamel Sankarl

If you want to stay in faith in the Lord, then learn be grateful to Him always.Its a way of showing that come what may, you're still resolute in your faith; trusting God for the better.Your gratefulness is your prove of your faithfulness.
'Influence is an offspring of intelligence and eloquence.Ideas make impact when they are impeccably connected and communicated to the right recipients.If you can't impart your intelligent ideas with eloquence, you can't influence and make an impact'-Gamel Sankarl
'Talents are endowed on each of us by nature.Such talents are worth treasures but it is only when we excellently nurture them that they can turn into treasures'-Gamel Sankarl



My Man Of The Moment

My Man Of The Moment

My Jesus is my man of the moment
He gives me comfort in times of torment
A walk with him brings fulfillment
With him my needs are met and so I comment
Because in him my heart finds merriment

He's my Messiah, my man on top of the hour
He's my saviour, too sweet to be sour
Life in him is such a great tour
His mercies and blessing;such a downpour
Under him, the devil can't roar or devour

His name is a strong tower
Life's storms can't make me cower
He's got me covered due to his power
He's made my life so beautiful like a rose flower
He nourishes me with water of life from his shower

His words bring me enlightenment
And heals more than the doctor's ointment
They make life so pretty like ornament
Each time in his presence brings enjoyment
None compares to Jesus,my man of the moment

Gamel Sankarl


As you take off into the second half of 2014, I wish to inspire you with this Poetivation:


Life is worth living when there’s something to acquire
Something significant enough to make you relentlessly aspire
Wishes don’t make riches but a compelling desire
The stuff that makes us to be in a strong dire
To fight even when all seem gloomy and we feel very tired

All the achievers we see around us and admire
Had to make an unwavering decision not to retire
They enlisted every essential material they would require
And brought on board all the allies and artifacts they could hire
So they could lay hold on that which they so passionately desire

You can do same if you have a reason to inspire
People have gone ahead of you and you can always inquire
With the insights from them, you will get kicked by some spark of fire
To propel you to be steadfast even when in the process you perspire
Take some of the criticisms and make them your satire
And study your way up so you don’t get outmoded and expire

As long as you’re alive and can still respire
If you set your mind on achieving a worthy desire
All opportunities and forces will conspire
And work together to ensure you acquire
Yes, despite whatever may transpire
You can aspire and acquire your heart’s desire

Gamel Sankarl


'Tenaciously training for a tentative target will turn that target into a tangible treasure'-Gamel Sankarl
'What you give your undivided attention to begets for you untold distinction' -Gamel Sankarl
'People who do proper prior preparations are often propelled to perform phenomenally' -Gamel Sankarl
'You may appear as Junk in the eyes of the beholder BUT in the eyes of your beloved you appear as a Jewel' - Gamel Sankarl
'If God gave you the Responsibility to be in Charge then I have no shred of doubt He gave you the required Ability to be in Charge' -Gamel Sankarl
'Don't mumble nor fumble about the situation. If you don't want to stumble and crumble, just simply stay humble' -Gamel Sankarl

  'The certainty of a man's humility towards humanity can be proven only after he's been given authority and prosperity'- Gamel Sankarl
'This is the assurance I have in my God; that He has me in His palm.Despite my qualms He has for me soothing words like balm.That makes me calm and that's why I sing to Him Psalms' -Gamel sankarl
He's got you too in his palms, stay calm and sing his psalms.
'The glory in my story has not been by my might.The gory details of my entire being and life as a whole is evidence of God's providence' -Gamel Sankarl
Age is not often the limit as some people perceive,if you have a genuine message, you will be given a page to scribble on or a stage to speak on' -Gamel Sankarl
'Possibilities and opportunities abound for anyone who painstakingly sharpens his skills and intensively increases the visibility of his ability'-Gamel Sankarl
'Find a niche and be found in that niche.Until you position yourself in a niche that paves way for you to reach your prospective clients/audience, you can't enrich yourself and be rich'-Gamel Sankarl
'Responsibility is the seed we sow so we can reap a harvest of possibility.Until you become responsible,nothing you desire becomes possible for you'-Gamel Sankarl


BetteR is BesT

BetteR is BesT
We each have a life quest
Something that thrives on our zest
Some desire that makes us never rest
A need that compels us to stand the test
And go every mile north,south,east or west

Whatever it is you have on your chest
That you passionately nurture in your nest
And never play about it nor make a jest
That thing people around you do attest
At that one thing,you need to be the very best

Don't settle for less,you deserve better
It matters little if you came from the gutter
And hardly ate any bread let alone with butter
Let no setback be a bother or the matter
You've been highly favoured by the Father

Gear up in readiness,be a go getter
You were meant for everything better
Small beginnings may seem too bitter
But you'll grow in grace and be greater
Go get gold,the best is always better

Gamel Sankarl
Culled from My Motivational Poetry Collection:
Poetivation Pot


The mind is a gold mine.Learn to enter your gold mine each day.Learn to extract its gold ore/ideas.Learn to refine the gold ore/ideas into fine gold.Learn to sell/serve with your gold and watch your life glow'- Gamel Sankarl

If you avail yourself for the Lord's use and direction,you don't need to travail nor seek for a bail to prevail.Avail yourself and you'll prevail' -Gamel Sankarl

No matter how enticing it may be or seem, never enter any DEAL hand first, if you must, then do so head first and heart second lest you'll experience an ORDEAL' - Gamel Sankarl

 People often tell me I'm serious.Personally,I think I'm simply curious.Curiousity has resulted in my 'busy-ness'.It has often enabled me find ideas,fine tune the ideas and turn them into business.My 'busy-ness' simply brings business.

'They said;your messages are way ahead of your age.I smiled and said;my messages are from the the mess I made over the ages and the pages I read from the sages'-Gamel Sankarl

'This one thing I know;that when you make God your all in all,you'll never bounce and fall.He will scale you over your wall.And make you stand tall.So you can answer your life's call.Call on God and make him your all in all'-Gamel Sankarl
'You are almost at the top.Never give in or try to stop.Never stop giving it a try.You have a spot at the top'- Gamel Sankarl
'When God has the wheels of your life,you need not to be scared of the steeps of your life.All you need to do, is feed on His word, heed to His instructions,Keep your speed and God will take charge of all your needs'-Gamel Sankarl
'Whoever has God's approval should not be perturbed by man's disapproval.For who God approves,He also ensures He improves for the task He has entrusted'- Gamel Sankarl
'A man who consistently hails his God cannot constantly fail with his Goals.' -Gamel Sankarl
And so I observed;'The one who often makes a haste in the beginning often makes a waste of their time in the end' -Gamel Sankarl
'The opportune time for building a fortune is not someday, its this day'

Each rising day is a day subtracted from that someday.Use today to build and secure that someday block by block; one second at a time, so that by the time you get to that someday,you'll already be having your fortune.
Until the wrong person walks out, the right person will not walk in. -Gamel Sankarl

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

Rhyming is my thing
Its the voice with which I sing
Its the wind beneath my wing
I can win with words in a boxing ring
Each word makes me feel like a king

Rhyming words makes me think
So I can choose and link
To create words that make sense and sink
Its what darins my pen's ink

I have in my palm
Words soothing like balm
And sweet to the ear like a psalm
They make me enjoy calm

When I get a rhyme line
I make time to refine
Till they become fine
And smooth like wine
Before I post for my readers to dine

You can join me to rhyme
Just listen and mime
It requires no dime
And its no vice or crime
You will soon prime
As you learn with time

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A Heart of Gratitude:
I come to you with a heart of gratitude
You have no substitute
Amidst the vicissitudes
Your love is full in magnitude

Your love spans wider than the latitude
It is vertically lengthier than the longitude
This gives me fortitude
That you're God of the destitute

You sat with the multitudes
And thought the beatitudes
It makes me hopeful if I change my attitude
You'll take me to altitudes

When Satan held me in servitude
You rescued me and cemented my certitude
I believe in your rectitude
With adoration,I present my gratitude

Today,I'm full of joy and aptitude
You've been good even in my ineptitude
I want to tune my voice and harp to the highest amplitude
To humbly express my highest gratitude

Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!


Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!

Today is fathers day
So grateful;word can't say
You've been good all the way
And so I humbly pray
That longer you may stay
To enjoy your fruits feeling all gay

You've truely been a father
The only husband of our mother
You never shirked duty but to gather
Every bit of resources that matter
And brought them all together
To ensure our lives turned out better

You're the best friend we ever had
You never wanted to see us sad
Even when we strayed and did bad
And it did make you get so mad
You kept your calm because we were lads
You restrained from giving up on us, you're our dad

Today is your day,daddy
We want you to be happy
You forfeited being all charming and dandy
So we won't feel all sappy
Nor have a cause to be weepy
You've paid your dues,so be happy

Have a Hearty Happy Dad's Day,Daddy!


Teamwork makes the Dream work.- Gamel Sankarl

'If you always Conform to the norm, you can't Transform and stay above the norm'- Gamel Sankarl

'If you lack the Strategy, don't launch out else you'll lash out and slack in Tragedy'-Gamel Sankarl

If you consistently get yourself educated,you will remain informed and relevant but if you insistently remain uninformed and ignorant, you'll be Relegated. Don't get Relegated. Do get Educated. Remain Relevant' -Gamel Sankarl

'He who sticks out his neck readily without a prior plan will soon sell out his neck easily without a proper price' - Gamel Sankarl

'If your presence doesn't add to the experience of the moment, then your absence wouldn't make a difference during that moment.Don't make your abscence to be felt in your presence.Always give people an exciting experience in your presence and your absence will make a difference' -Gamel Sankarl

'Rain or shine;with God you will Reign and Shine.Make God your Companion and God will make you His Champion'-Gamel Sankarl

'They said;your messages are way ahead of your age.I smiled and said;my messages are from the the mess I made over the ages and the pages I read from the sages'-Gamel Sankarl

'Shun those who discourage you.Hang out with those who encourage you,their words have a way of building the courage in you'-Gamel Sankarl

'Dear Pal;you're the stakeholder of your life.Take the stakes/risks.Make the mistakes.If you don't take a step and skate,your progress will be at stake.Take some lessons and walk your way up to the peak.If you don't risk something, you won't make anything.Go risk it and make it' -Gamel Sankarl

'Complaining or explaining doesn't result in obtaining.The attainment of any worthy target comes with maintaining your focus and sustaining your consistentcy'-Gamel Sankarl

'A father is not only a source but also a resource.You only earn the right to be called a father when you've been responsible and resourceful to those who look up to you.You're a father when you make it possible for those who look up to you to go farther than how far you've gone yourself' -Gamel Sankarl

'I call any man who has helped me seen farther than how far I had seen before I got to know him a father'-Gamel Sankarl

'This one thing I know;that when you make God your all in all,you'll never bounce and fall.He will scale you over your wall.And make you stand tall.So you can answer your life's call.Call on God and make him your all in all'-Gamel Sankarl




Leadership in my opinion has more to do with taking charge of your life primarily and being in charge of others secondarily. A true leader is one who has exemplified himself in his personal affairs. One who has made his life worth emulating by taking charge of his abilities and turning them into opportunities that make his life better as well as that of those around him. Leadership is first a responsibility; thus, responding/reacting with your ability to the issues of life and making reasonable results out of them.
Leadership as the name depicts is built on two fundamental branches, which to me are; leader and ship. Thus, Leadership = leader + ship.
To lead therefore implies you need a ship and the ship in this sense encompasses your potentials (abilities, knowledge, skills) and the people (family and friends) around you. You are first the leader of your own life before that of others. And so if you can adequately put yourself in check and lead your own life using your potentials/gifts, then you’ll indirectly attract other people with your potential and lead them as well. Truth is, true leaders are those that can adequately take charge, calculatedly change things and effectively control affairs in their area of gifting. A leader in my definition therefore is an in-charge person, a change agent and a captain of his abilities and his allies. Anyone who leads in his area of giftedness becomes great. The reason being that, he/she deploys his/her seeds or gifts and this in turn produces the best of fruits. And these fruits attract other people or followers who desire your fruits and would want to have more of such. Your fruits then become a source of attraction to your followers. The multitude followed Jesus because he had fruits (ability to teach, heal, deliver, feed them etc.) they wanted. He was successful as a leader because he led in his area of gifting. If he had none of these gifts or any other gifts, he wouldn’t have led well. In fact he would have failed. Much the same way, any leader who wants to succeed must lead in their area of gifting.
Taking cue from what I just explained, leadership operates on the principle of action and attraction. When you activate your potentials/abilities or gifts and act on them you’ll soon attract their corresponding followership in the form of people/ family or friends. The choices you make as a leader will determine the consequences you get. Leadership is more than just having a position. It is functional and not positional. Leadership is cause and all else in life is its effect. Your reaction as a leader reflects the results you make in your life and in that of those whom you lead.
A lot of leadership experts have ascribed many attributes of leadership but the following resonates the most with my perception of a true leader;
A leader is a courageous captain. He’s the lead decision maker and ensures that he initiates interventions and gives directions to enable his team achieve their goals as a group.
A true leader is a person of integrity. He is very honest and goes by the same principles/policies whether there are onlookers or not. He’s true to himself and to his followers.
He is passionate yet a compassionate team player. He is passionate about positively propelling his people to achieve their common purpose but that doesn’t make him becloud his compassion for his people. He ensures that they are all happy and healthy to reach their goals through synergy.
A true leader understands that sometimes he has to take the back seat and be a follower so others can be given the chance to learn and take over in his absence. He understands that you can’t be a leader and a follower at the same time and that sometime you should lean back and learn from others.
A lot can be said about leadership but for now let’s end on the note that, leadership operates on the principle of action and attraction. It moves on the wheels of cause and effect. It revolves around choices and consequences. Good leaders make good choices and good choices result in consequences that cause compelling changes. As a leader, you must choose right in order to lead right. Choose Right!

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Mediocrity does not pay
Anything goes, you may say
But why settle for the ore each day
When the real deal is up the way

Step up and go for the gold
Challenges may make you cold
But with persistence you can lay hold
And watch the future unfold
Yes, you need to be told
That you can make it when you stay bold

Every one alive is in a constant race
And God has already granted grace
Your future is very much up to your embrace
Learn from trail blazers and their ways, trace
The routes that they trod from grass to grace

Pay fully the price for the prize
Keep the desire alive each day when you arise
You may fail once, twice or trice
But don’t get too shocked in surprise
Success presents scars before the prize

Be daring and don’t complain
Give no excuse for failure nor explain

Yes, the top is sure you can attain
Go for gold, you can obtain



'I've always been convinced that knowledge is good but Experience is a better teacher.Well, that never changed but now I have the conviction that Faith is the best teacher.Truth is,Knowledge gives you the Goods,Experience Guides you and Faith gives you the Guts to go for Gold.If you have Faith,you can face the world.Keep your Faith alive' -Gamel Sankarl

'What you Give out determines What you Get in' - Gamel Sankarl

A Powerful Christian is A Prayerful Christian.

"Too much security can sometimes result in Obscurity. If you want to make it, go out there and risk it"

'The fact that you're Passionate about pursuing your purpose doesn't mean you shouldn't be Compassionate towards people.In fact,God is seen in people.He made people in His image and likeness.And so what you do for people,you do for God.Take time off your pursuit and make time for people who need your assistance to scale up too.Show some concern.Don't wait till they crash before you come in.Make it your business to be in the people business.Life and purpose is all about connecting Divinity/God to humanity/people.Let people see God in and through you.Let not your Passion becloud your Compassion.Don't be too Passionate and not be Compassionate' -Gamel Sankarl

'Success is splendid but Significance is supreme.Its ordinary to be successful but its extraordinary to be significant.No statue has been raised in honour of people who were just successful but for those who were successfully significant.When you acquire success, aspire for significance.To your success,add significance' -Gamel Sankarl

'Think not of Competion in life,it can be energy sapping.Think Contribution,it is energy saving.If you must compete,then it should be with yourself.Try this and you'll grow and glow'
-Gamel Sankarl

You were made to fill a Void.Your Value is veirified based on that Void. FiND it and FiLL it and you'll have a fulfilled Life'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Creating Wealth at the expense of your Health is not the best.Wealth is Something but without Health it means Nothing. Check your balance' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you engage yourself to a life of EMPTY;developing and deploying your abilities in your Learning years, you will enjoy a Life of PLENTY; experiencing and enjoying your investments in your Yearning years' -Gamel Sankarl


Gamelian Gems 3

'My God is my Source
My Gift is my Resource.
My Purpose is my Propeller
My Motive is my Motivation
My Mandate is my Message'

'In a world of unbelievers,believers can only thrive and survive by adapting devoid of compromise but not adopting and compromising to the ways of the world' - Gamel Sankarl

'When your Aspirations align with your Actions, you attract Accomplishments' -Gamel Sankarl

'Each day I wake up feeling hopeful that, though I may be currently playing my game as an indigenous player, someday I'll play the same game as an international player if I step up and keep up without lowering the standards.I wake up convinced that if I consistently sharpen and shape my skills while in the local league,then I'll have a space and spot in the envisaged global league.This is my the assurance I have in my assignment.This is why I love to do what I love to do' -Gamel Sankarl

'Whatever problem you resist solving,persists.Until you consistently insist on persevering till you conquer or solve the problem,that problem will persist and conquer you.Choices have voices.Make a choice to solve that resisting problem.Choices come with corresponding consequences. Your choices create your your circumstances.Choose to change your circumstance.Choose to confront,conquer and become a champion' -Gamel Sankarl

'When the circumstances of life become gruelling;don't chicken out nor check out and groan.Do this; check in, take charge and grow' -Gamel Sankarl

'Mind your Mindset.Your mindset sets your miles in life.Your mindset sets you on course for the cause of your life.Its the map that directs you from where you are to where you set your mind to get to.Your Mentality decides your Reality.If your reality doesn't correspond to your mentality;then there's a mindset problem.Check it.Correct it.Its mostly a mindset problem.Mind your Mindset'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Saying someday you'll do it,will never get things done.It's acting on that saying that will get things done someday.Whatever you wish to do or be,even if you're not that now;act as if you are.Do this long enough and you'll eventually become.Fake it till you Make it.Act it till you Achieve it' -Gamel Sankarl