Tuesday, 5 August 2014


'The immunity against impulsive spending is spending time to bugget for your target items' -Gamel Sankarl

'Only if you will show concern for that problem will you discern a solution for it. Ignore it and it will intensify. Resist it and it will persist. Confront it and you're likely to conquer it' -Gamel Sankarl
'If you can conceptualize it long enough, then your chances to actualize it will get strong enough' -Gamel Sankarl

Keep conceiving and believing;you'll soon achieve that which you conceive.
You can trounce mediocrity and reach out for a life of excellence.Never allow naysayers to pounce on you and make you believe you're cut out for the average life.Critics will always have their say.But you can also always have your way.If it is to be, it is up to you.Make a resolution to always bounce back with a better solution and you'll become excellent' -Gamel Sankarl
Amidst the twists and turns of life you can still have a tremendous turnaround. Just seek for the right solutions in life and you will have a revolution in your life'-Gamel Sankarl
The more attention you give to the word of God, the more affection you develop for the God of the word.God is his Word;if you love him, love his word.
Your addiction for something is a prove of your conviction in that thing.Nothing happens until your believe in something is strong enough to propel you to make things happen' -Gamel Sankarl
Whenever you permit nonsense to be injected into you, you indirectly prevent common sense to be ejected out of you.Be Watchful; what enters into your mind, is likely to exit out of your mouth' -Gamel Sankarl
Never allow the notion of others spark your emotions; negative emotions can impair your own notion and impede your motion in life.Keep your notion,put your emotion under check and you'll keep being in motion' -Gamel Sankarl
The infusion of diligence and intelligence often results in the diffusion of excellence'-Gamel Sankarl
You may not have money in your hands let alone to host a ceremony in your house.But if you have harmony in your heart,you are good to go,so go make a testimony in God's house'-Gamel Sankarl
Information brings transformation but ignorance renders one impotent.If you have cogent information, you can make a potent influence and transform yourself and others.Wage war against ignorance, get informed and you'll be transformed'-Gamel Sankarl
Becareful not to get swayed by the applause, it may take you off the course.Pause and check if you're still fufilling the cause of your call'-Gamel Sankarl

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