Friday, 22 August 2014

Better Is Better! - Book Review

Check this out; A review Jonathan did for 'Better Is Better'

The average human will rather settle for a life of mediocrity than challenge themselves to live beyond a certain set standard. Most often, people live in mundanity and mediocrity because of a lack of knowledge of their talent, and effective time management. As such, they settle for just anything and live life as it comes.

Gamel, a man who can best be described as one who’s lived the principles he’s shared in this book has carefully weaved one’s quest for talent discovery, and effectively utilising their time to live a life of excellence. In the book, “Better is Better”, he challenges the reader to take a hard look at their lives and ask themselves probing questions if they really deserve what they presently have.

Better is Better is for the ambitious man and woman out there who are frustrated, and have absolutely no clue as to what life holds in store for them. The book is carefully written in simple, and easy-to-comprehend manner for anyone of any level to understand and effectively utilise the principles shared.

Be you a singer, dancer, writer, footballer, dressmaker, mechanic, engineer, accountant, and whatnot, there’s something for you in Better is Better. You may be living at an acceptable level. But could there not be a better level? You may be thinking you are alright where you are. The truth, however, is there is more you can reach out for, and Better is Better can be that road map to help you get to that destination of a life of excellence.

Better is Better, is better indeed for he or she who wants to be better!

Jonathan Adzokpe, Author /Speaker, Show host of Motivational Arena

Book is available on Amazon. Do grab your copy!

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