Tuesday, 5 August 2014



If you talk and do none of the talk
Then you won't have any success to chalk
Successful people dream and talk
But they stay awake and do the walk

Success comes when you walk your talk
You will languish in lack
If you only wish and sit in slack
Feeling its such a suck

Hear this, you must walk the talk
Live each day respecting the clock
Don't blend in with the naysayers of a flock
Else failure will give you some flogg

Build your life on a foundation of rock
With diligence,do so block by block
Keep awake and be on guard like a duck
And let no pessimist be a stumbling block

Do this long enough and you'll unlock
The doors that lead to the land of your luck
Then you'll swim in pools full of bucks
Walk that Talk

Gamel Sankarl

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