Friday, 22 August 2014

Better Is Better. Book Review 2

For most books, you stop reading the moment you read the first page but not with Better Is Better, I felt there was something in it for me which I have to find, and that urged me on to keep reading. I felt the message was really meant for me and to be honest I will just sum up this piece in two words; ‘Sensationally Inspirational’.
My favourite chapter was chapter three (3); A trusted team makes the dream work. Teaming up with others is something as Africans we do not really like to do. We do not like teamwork; everyone wants to do their own thing and be on their own and this is honestly slowing down our development. Maybe in future, you should consider writing a book in that regard, the need for teamwork and partnerships.
You have done a good job on this book, and everyone will fall in love with it when they come across it. I also love your Love for God and the fact that you acknowledge that we need Him to succeed.
Well done, Gamel. Kudos!

Emmanuel Azu-Mate, GHBase.Com

Book is available on Do grab your copy!

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