Thursday, 17 July 2014


In Kingdom Linguistics; 'As you name and proclaim, you claim as well. Its simply;Recreate your world with your words' -Kingdom Ambassador, Gamel Sankarl

'Indecision is a form of decision. If you remain indecisive in any given situation or at any instance, you dole out your decision power and grant people permision to make decisions for you.This is it, you either decide or divide your decision power amongst those who care to decide for you'-Gamel Sankarl
'An amateur who makes conscious efforts to consistently improve on his craft is one who has mustered courage to make that craft luster, help himslef avoid disaster, grow faster and become a master of his chosen craft. Mediocre craftsmen are earmarked for disaster.Muster courage and be a master'-Gamel Sankarl
This is my conviction; that he who has developed an addiction for the things of God is immune to the inimical effects of man's eviction.He only exits one door so he can enter the next opened door prepared by God for him.Until you leave there you can't live in here.You have to be evicted so you can be admitted.You're immune to it all. Stay addicted and committed to God.
-Gamel Sankarl



Life is tough for all, be you female or male
A lot of pressing issues, it does entail
From complicated issues like the air we inhale
To minor ones like being disturbed due to the mail

Hardship pushes you to put up your treasure for sale
And the value offered may not march up to scale
This can break you down and make you so frail
As if you struggle so hard but to only fail
And it appears you will leave others no trail

Seasons will come that you will be at the tail
Situations will make you sad till you wail
Deals you have invested in and wish to nail
May all fall apart and put you in jail
And you may not get anyone to grant you bail

In all this, to God you should avail
Look up to Him and His name, hail
In prayer you should strongly travail
With time, things will pick up as you sail
Then you would at last win and prevail

Gamel Sankarl



'He who learns to keep his inspiration despite his perspiration is a few inches from achieving his aspirations' -Gamel Sankarl
'It doesn't matter the spectacle you have made of yourself in the past.It doesn't matter what an oracle has said about you nor does it what obstacle stands in your way presently.If you keep trusting God, He will have His way in your life and make way for your miracle to finally happen' -Gamel Sankarl
'Attend to your ultimate targets with focus and bravery and you will dispel the immediate trials and timidity that hold you in slavery' -Gamel Sankarl
'Today's breakdown are sometimes meant for tomorrow's breakthrough.Your disgrace sometimes is a disguise for your grace.Stay connected to God and His grace will see you through the race' -Gamel Sankarl
'You slack in tragedy largely because of your lack of strategy.Don't wander in wonder. Startegize. Settle down and Ponder' -Gamel Sankarl

'The consequence of your choice is so loud I can't hear your noise.Choices have voices.Too much talk and too less walk will bring you no success to chalk.Let the voice of your choice make the noise and you'll be heard. Stop the talk and start to walk that talk' -Gamel Sankarl

'One of two reasons influence our daily pursuits; its either desperation or inspiration.
Despiration drives you to pursue something(say, prosperity) to avoid something else(say, poverty) from pursuing you.Inspiration impels you to pursue something(passion) because you want to pursue and fulfil something(purpose)' -Gamel Sankarl
'Get this straight; a brain that is continually nourished,makes the life of its bearer gets flourished. One that gets no nourishemnt, gets its bearer's life fast perished'- Gamel Sankarl
'The more you concentrate on the Holy Spirit, the more companionship you develop with Him.When it comes to the Holy Spirit, your meditation attracts His visitation' -Gamel Sankarl
'You can always have a fresh new life if you're willing to refresh and begin afresh.There's always a second chance for the one who wills to have a way.Start anew and make a brand new ending'-Gamel Sankarl

As I pondered on 1Thes 5:18...'Be thankful in all circumstances...... I'm instructed to believe that;
'A grateful heart is a faithful heart' -Gamel Sankarl

If you want to stay in faith in the Lord, then learn be grateful to Him always.Its a way of showing that come what may, you're still resolute in your faith; trusting God for the better.Your gratefulness is your prove of your faithfulness.
'Influence is an offspring of intelligence and eloquence.Ideas make impact when they are impeccably connected and communicated to the right recipients.If you can't impart your intelligent ideas with eloquence, you can't influence and make an impact'-Gamel Sankarl
'Talents are endowed on each of us by nature.Such talents are worth treasures but it is only when we excellently nurture them that they can turn into treasures'-Gamel Sankarl



My Man Of The Moment

My Man Of The Moment

My Jesus is my man of the moment
He gives me comfort in times of torment
A walk with him brings fulfillment
With him my needs are met and so I comment
Because in him my heart finds merriment

He's my Messiah, my man on top of the hour
He's my saviour, too sweet to be sour
Life in him is such a great tour
His mercies and blessing;such a downpour
Under him, the devil can't roar or devour

His name is a strong tower
Life's storms can't make me cower
He's got me covered due to his power
He's made my life so beautiful like a rose flower
He nourishes me with water of life from his shower

His words bring me enlightenment
And heals more than the doctor's ointment
They make life so pretty like ornament
Each time in his presence brings enjoyment
None compares to Jesus,my man of the moment

Gamel Sankarl


As you take off into the second half of 2014, I wish to inspire you with this Poetivation:


Life is worth living when there’s something to acquire
Something significant enough to make you relentlessly aspire
Wishes don’t make riches but a compelling desire
The stuff that makes us to be in a strong dire
To fight even when all seem gloomy and we feel very tired

All the achievers we see around us and admire
Had to make an unwavering decision not to retire
They enlisted every essential material they would require
And brought on board all the allies and artifacts they could hire
So they could lay hold on that which they so passionately desire

You can do same if you have a reason to inspire
People have gone ahead of you and you can always inquire
With the insights from them, you will get kicked by some spark of fire
To propel you to be steadfast even when in the process you perspire
Take some of the criticisms and make them your satire
And study your way up so you don’t get outmoded and expire

As long as you’re alive and can still respire
If you set your mind on achieving a worthy desire
All opportunities and forces will conspire
And work together to ensure you acquire
Yes, despite whatever may transpire
You can aspire and acquire your heart’s desire

Gamel Sankarl


'Tenaciously training for a tentative target will turn that target into a tangible treasure'-Gamel Sankarl
'What you give your undivided attention to begets for you untold distinction' -Gamel Sankarl
'People who do proper prior preparations are often propelled to perform phenomenally' -Gamel Sankarl
'You may appear as Junk in the eyes of the beholder BUT in the eyes of your beloved you appear as a Jewel' - Gamel Sankarl
'If God gave you the Responsibility to be in Charge then I have no shred of doubt He gave you the required Ability to be in Charge' -Gamel Sankarl
'Don't mumble nor fumble about the situation. If you don't want to stumble and crumble, just simply stay humble' -Gamel Sankarl

  'The certainty of a man's humility towards humanity can be proven only after he's been given authority and prosperity'- Gamel Sankarl
'This is the assurance I have in my God; that He has me in His palm.Despite my qualms He has for me soothing words like balm.That makes me calm and that's why I sing to Him Psalms' -Gamel sankarl
He's got you too in his palms, stay calm and sing his psalms.
'The glory in my story has not been by my might.The gory details of my entire being and life as a whole is evidence of God's providence' -Gamel Sankarl
Age is not often the limit as some people perceive,if you have a genuine message, you will be given a page to scribble on or a stage to speak on' -Gamel Sankarl
'Possibilities and opportunities abound for anyone who painstakingly sharpens his skills and intensively increases the visibility of his ability'-Gamel Sankarl
'Find a niche and be found in that niche.Until you position yourself in a niche that paves way for you to reach your prospective clients/audience, you can't enrich yourself and be rich'-Gamel Sankarl
'Responsibility is the seed we sow so we can reap a harvest of possibility.Until you become responsible,nothing you desire becomes possible for you'-Gamel Sankarl


BetteR is BesT

BetteR is BesT
We each have a life quest
Something that thrives on our zest
Some desire that makes us never rest
A need that compels us to stand the test
And go every mile north,south,east or west

Whatever it is you have on your chest
That you passionately nurture in your nest
And never play about it nor make a jest
That thing people around you do attest
At that one thing,you need to be the very best

Don't settle for less,you deserve better
It matters little if you came from the gutter
And hardly ate any bread let alone with butter
Let no setback be a bother or the matter
You've been highly favoured by the Father

Gear up in readiness,be a go getter
You were meant for everything better
Small beginnings may seem too bitter
But you'll grow in grace and be greater
Go get gold,the best is always better

Gamel Sankarl
Culled from My Motivational Poetry Collection:
Poetivation Pot


The mind is a gold mine.Learn to enter your gold mine each day.Learn to extract its gold ore/ideas.Learn to refine the gold ore/ideas into fine gold.Learn to sell/serve with your gold and watch your life glow'- Gamel Sankarl

If you avail yourself for the Lord's use and direction,you don't need to travail nor seek for a bail to prevail.Avail yourself and you'll prevail' -Gamel Sankarl

No matter how enticing it may be or seem, never enter any DEAL hand first, if you must, then do so head first and heart second lest you'll experience an ORDEAL' - Gamel Sankarl

 People often tell me I'm serious.Personally,I think I'm simply curious.Curiousity has resulted in my 'busy-ness'.It has often enabled me find ideas,fine tune the ideas and turn them into business.My 'busy-ness' simply brings business.

'They said;your messages are way ahead of your age.I smiled and said;my messages are from the the mess I made over the ages and the pages I read from the sages'-Gamel Sankarl

'This one thing I know;that when you make God your all in all,you'll never bounce and fall.He will scale you over your wall.And make you stand tall.So you can answer your life's call.Call on God and make him your all in all'-Gamel Sankarl
'You are almost at the top.Never give in or try to stop.Never stop giving it a try.You have a spot at the top'- Gamel Sankarl
'When God has the wheels of your life,you need not to be scared of the steeps of your life.All you need to do, is feed on His word, heed to His instructions,Keep your speed and God will take charge of all your needs'-Gamel Sankarl
'Whoever has God's approval should not be perturbed by man's disapproval.For who God approves,He also ensures He improves for the task He has entrusted'- Gamel Sankarl
'A man who consistently hails his God cannot constantly fail with his Goals.' -Gamel Sankarl
And so I observed;'The one who often makes a haste in the beginning often makes a waste of their time in the end' -Gamel Sankarl
'The opportune time for building a fortune is not someday, its this day'

Each rising day is a day subtracted from that someday.Use today to build and secure that someday block by block; one second at a time, so that by the time you get to that someday,you'll already be having your fortune.
Until the wrong person walks out, the right person will not walk in. -Gamel Sankarl

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

Rhyming is my thing
Its the voice with which I sing
Its the wind beneath my wing
I can win with words in a boxing ring
Each word makes me feel like a king

Rhyming words makes me think
So I can choose and link
To create words that make sense and sink
Its what darins my pen's ink

I have in my palm
Words soothing like balm
And sweet to the ear like a psalm
They make me enjoy calm

When I get a rhyme line
I make time to refine
Till they become fine
And smooth like wine
Before I post for my readers to dine

You can join me to rhyme
Just listen and mime
It requires no dime
And its no vice or crime
You will soon prime
As you learn with time

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes