Thursday, 17 July 2014


'Tenaciously training for a tentative target will turn that target into a tangible treasure'-Gamel Sankarl
'What you give your undivided attention to begets for you untold distinction' -Gamel Sankarl
'People who do proper prior preparations are often propelled to perform phenomenally' -Gamel Sankarl
'You may appear as Junk in the eyes of the beholder BUT in the eyes of your beloved you appear as a Jewel' - Gamel Sankarl
'If God gave you the Responsibility to be in Charge then I have no shred of doubt He gave you the required Ability to be in Charge' -Gamel Sankarl
'Don't mumble nor fumble about the situation. If you don't want to stumble and crumble, just simply stay humble' -Gamel Sankarl

  'The certainty of a man's humility towards humanity can be proven only after he's been given authority and prosperity'- Gamel Sankarl
'This is the assurance I have in my God; that He has me in His palm.Despite my qualms He has for me soothing words like balm.That makes me calm and that's why I sing to Him Psalms' -Gamel sankarl
He's got you too in his palms, stay calm and sing his psalms.
'The glory in my story has not been by my might.The gory details of my entire being and life as a whole is evidence of God's providence' -Gamel Sankarl
Age is not often the limit as some people perceive,if you have a genuine message, you will be given a page to scribble on or a stage to speak on' -Gamel Sankarl
'Possibilities and opportunities abound for anyone who painstakingly sharpens his skills and intensively increases the visibility of his ability'-Gamel Sankarl
'Find a niche and be found in that niche.Until you position yourself in a niche that paves way for you to reach your prospective clients/audience, you can't enrich yourself and be rich'-Gamel Sankarl
'Responsibility is the seed we sow so we can reap a harvest of possibility.Until you become responsible,nothing you desire becomes possible for you'-Gamel Sankarl


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