Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Man Of The Moment

My Man Of The Moment

My Jesus is my man of the moment
He gives me comfort in times of torment
A walk with him brings fulfillment
With him my needs are met and so I comment
Because in him my heart finds merriment

He's my Messiah, my man on top of the hour
He's my saviour, too sweet to be sour
Life in him is such a great tour
His mercies and blessing;such a downpour
Under him, the devil can't roar or devour

His name is a strong tower
Life's storms can't make me cower
He's got me covered due to his power
He's made my life so beautiful like a rose flower
He nourishes me with water of life from his shower

His words bring me enlightenment
And heals more than the doctor's ointment
They make life so pretty like ornament
Each time in his presence brings enjoyment
None compares to Jesus,my man of the moment

Gamel Sankarl

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