Thursday, 17 July 2014


As you take off into the second half of 2014, I wish to inspire you with this Poetivation:


Life is worth living when there’s something to acquire
Something significant enough to make you relentlessly aspire
Wishes don’t make riches but a compelling desire
The stuff that makes us to be in a strong dire
To fight even when all seem gloomy and we feel very tired

All the achievers we see around us and admire
Had to make an unwavering decision not to retire
They enlisted every essential material they would require
And brought on board all the allies and artifacts they could hire
So they could lay hold on that which they so passionately desire

You can do same if you have a reason to inspire
People have gone ahead of you and you can always inquire
With the insights from them, you will get kicked by some spark of fire
To propel you to be steadfast even when in the process you perspire
Take some of the criticisms and make them your satire
And study your way up so you don’t get outmoded and expire

As long as you’re alive and can still respire
If you set your mind on achieving a worthy desire
All opportunities and forces will conspire
And work together to ensure you acquire
Yes, despite whatever may transpire
You can aspire and acquire your heart’s desire

Gamel Sankarl

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