Thursday, 17 July 2014

BetteR is BesT

BetteR is BesT
We each have a life quest
Something that thrives on our zest
Some desire that makes us never rest
A need that compels us to stand the test
And go every mile north,south,east or west

Whatever it is you have on your chest
That you passionately nurture in your nest
And never play about it nor make a jest
That thing people around you do attest
At that one thing,you need to be the very best

Don't settle for less,you deserve better
It matters little if you came from the gutter
And hardly ate any bread let alone with butter
Let no setback be a bother or the matter
You've been highly favoured by the Father

Gear up in readiness,be a go getter
You were meant for everything better
Small beginnings may seem too bitter
But you'll grow in grace and be greater
Go get gold,the best is always better

Gamel Sankarl
Culled from My Motivational Poetry Collection:
Poetivation Pot

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