Saturday, 5 November 2016

Seven On Me

Here Are 7 Points About Me You Probably Didn't Know....:)

1. Personality: I am a typical melancholic. Being a perfectionist is my strength as well as my weakness. I may stand and talk to a thousand people but stay silent in the presence of one person. I am calm and collected but can be loud when I am in a very good mood.

Most people especially the elderly have wondered whether I am Ghanaian due to my name. Some have said I've got Egyptian origin due to Gamel Nasser and others say I am from Burkina Faso due to the name Thomas Sankara. But truth is, I am very Ghanaian.

My father tells me, my name was coined from the name Gamaliel in the book of Acts. Gamaliel was a law scholar and Paul's teacher. There are other meanings to it including; Wise, Old, Hard working etc. Well, I have got my own meaning because I answer to the name and it is; God's Anointing Makes me Excel in Life'.

The name Sankarl also means the fortunate one. That explains why I am highly favoured.

Both are former African Presidents, so I could become the President of AU or ECOWAS someday. I'm dreaming big.

2. Philosophy: The service I render to humanity is the rent I pay to divinity (God) for my stay on earth. This consciousness drives me to do what I do.

Two words my friends easily associate with my personality is humility and honesty. Maybe, they are the engines of my life.

3. Purpose: There is a ministerial calling on my life. I have been seeing it in my dreams for the past seven years. I feel more connected and inclined to campus ministry than in a typical church setting. But time will tell.

4. Passion: I love to teach. I believe I have been wired to teach. I do that through writing, speaking and poetry. I just love to interact, impart, inspire and ignite individuals for impact.

5. Profession: I trained as a human biologist and I'm still specializing in biomedicine as a chemical pathologist. I hope to become a professor of psychology or public health.

Yeah, that is more like a prophecy. I've had both people I know and those I don't know from Adam refer to me as professor at different periods of my life and at different places.

6. Partnership: No life partner yet. I am very single and searching for who to mingle with. I am very selective because I see partnership as a Forever affair. I understand that if I make the wrong choice I will turn into a professor of philosophy.

I easily get along with ladies but Only ladies with big brains and hearts can gain my attention and attract my affection. I am stimulated by brains than beauty.

The last time I listed my specifications, a friend told me to ask God for clay and mould my own partner. That's on the lighter side.

7. Preferences: I prefer having pleasure in the pages and on stages. I enjoy spending time to read, think, write and speak. I am selective in what I read and I can do so the whole day.

I simply love books; I don't only read them, I create them. If you entered my bed room and found no books next to my bed, then you landed on someone's.

I also like to chat especially with children but I hate to argue. I love to watch educative talk shows and wrestling.