Monday, 14 April 2014

Gamelian Gems 2

'When all hope seems lost and you feel you are DOWN to NOTHING, don't give up nor give in. Even when people LOOK DOWN on you, don't dance to their tune.LOOK UP to God.He is always UP to SOMETHING.When life's battles seem to overwhelm you, He will fight for you, He's a mighty man of VALOUR. He's the one and only SAVIOUR. He will bless your LABOUR. He will spice your life with SAVOUR. And make you experience His FAVOUR, So your life will be full of FLAVOUR'. - Gamel Sankarl

'Your Assignment has an Audience.You're not assigned to everbody nor to be everywhere.Your purpose is to a particular people and place at a time.If you find your self in another,you'll be Tolerated but if you find yourself in your right place,you'll be Celebrated'
-Gamel Sankarl

'You have the Power to Possess your Possessions.Visualize and Verbalise and Act on that Vision to Actualise your Aspirations' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you don't go through the entire process,you won't enjoy the end product' -Gamel Sankarl

When all is said and done;its the DONATION that your life brought in the lives of others and NOT the DURATION that your life enjoyed.Live the 'life' in your life' -Gamel Sankarl

'Anytime I put pen to paper,I do so in the hope that posterity will know of my personal principles and the philosophies that held my life in check' - Gamel Sankarl

'Let anyone who wants to taste life in his generations and generations yet unborn put pen to paper.You can still live in the pages and bless posterity'
-Gamel Sankarl

'You don't have to write like somebody else.Your uniqueness is hidden in your difference.Unleash it'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Writing is a worthwhile legacy tool.Don't die with your ideas.Put them in a book.Posterity will be blessed because you lived and left a legacy'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Many people write for many reasons but I do so for one reason;that I may impart and impact lives through inspiration'-Gamel Sankarl

'Writing is not for a selected few.It's meant for everyone who has something to share with the present generation and generations unborn'
-Gamel Sankarl

'If the picture of your future presently does not conform to that which God showed you and the Location does not correspond to the allocation. Don't complain nor try to explain lest you won't obtain.Do this,Be Steadfast in your Faith and God will ensure you Stand in your Fate' - Gamel Sankarl

'Your Desires and Decisions Decide Your Destiny'
-Gamel Sankarl


Most often you'll have people that you genuinely admire and aspire to be like someday.But that doesn't mean you should try to do almost everything the same way you see them do.There's more in you than you can imagine.Confining yourself in a cage/box and doing things as others do is a trap.It traps the REAL you within.You won't unleash your creativity trying to live as somebody else.Its expedient to pick lessons from them but imitating them limits you.The best you'll get out of imitation is becoming a carbon copy of them.You were made to be an ORIGINAL.Don't die a carbon COPY.Don't blend in.Do this;Break Out.Be Consistent and Persistent and you'll Stand Out as an Original!Live life Limitlessly!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

From a Heartbreak to a Heartwarming Author

From a Heartbreak to a Heartwarming Author

29 March 2014 at 13:31
From a Heartbreak to a Heartwarming Author

With a desire to write away his pain from heartbreak, Gamel Sankarl, a motivational speaker and author who is fast becoming one of the preferred speakers across the country of Ghana joined the host of Motivational Arena, Jonathan Adzokpe, as they talk writing, Africa, and relationships. Here are excerpts…

1. Writing is a skill. The more you practise, the better you get at it. You may not be talented at writing, but constant practise can make you excellent. The good news is, writing is not a preserve of any special breed of humans. You can write, too.

2. Time management is key to maximising your potential. If you can't manage your time well, you can't maximise your potential.

3. Passion is stronger than death.

4. Your thinking shapes your life. If you can't change your thinking, you can't change your life. Your life is therefore an outward expression of your thoughts. Whatever your life is, it depicts the nature and quality of your thinking.

5. The African problem is a THINKING problem. Africans WORRY rather than THINK. The African continent can only transform when we begin to invest quality time into thinking of getting lasting solutions to the challenges that face us.

6. The African continent has been built on a culture that doesn't permit thinking. Take for instance a child who is seated quietly and thinking. You will find adults asking the child if he/she is married or has children that they are thinking about. Thinking has been seen to be worrying. Until our cultural perspectives change, it will take longer for a continental transformation.

7. The new generation of African youth holds good promise for the transformation of Africa. The future of the continent, no doubt, is in the hands of the youth.

8. What is yours can only be yours when you gravitate towards it. I thought a lady that I was in love with but found it difficult to express my feeling to her would end up being mine. But my delay cost me a devastating heart break. You can't wait for opportunities to come to your door. You need to gravitate towards them.

9. When you're nursing a heart break, it is advisable to seek emotional support from friends and family. But be careful not to be entangled into another relationship with a member of the opposite sex due to your vulnerability. You should be careful who you get so close to when you're nursing pain.

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Gamelian Gems

'Winning is a product of Will.Your will determines your words and your words,your ways.Your ways produces your works and your works predicts your Worth.Your worth profess your Wand and your wand is your Winning tool'

One who says I want to succeed because I don't want to fail has a different energy level than one who says I want to succeed because I want to make life better. Both may sound similar but truth is they're not same.The former has negative energy but the latter has positive energy.Positive energy makes the journey an exciting experience. Don't be scared of what is chasing you, rather be spurred on by what you're chasing.Great reasons always fetch Great Results.Start with Positive Energy;A compelling Reason!

Its Productivity NOT too much Activity that makes an Achiever. Don't live life like a rocking chair;always moving here and there but have little proof of your activities.Be introspective,Selective and focus on what produces Results.Don't dissipate energy moving in circles.Rather,Concentrate energy on what works for you and magnify your results.

'The dominant thoughts that lingers on your mind will definitely feature in your future' 

'The Vision in your Heart predicts the Provision God puts in your hands' 

The mind is a magnetic field;it attracts to you the allies and artefacts you focus your attention on

Tomorrow started Today.Think Tomorrow Today.Your future is hidden in your daily routine.Your input today determines your output tomorrow.If you don't work Today towards Tomorrow,it will surely take you by Surprise.Today begun Yesterday and Tomorrow started Today.Don't leave your life to chance.Consciously create your Tomorrow Today!

An Ambition backed by An Action births Achievement.      


Life is a race.Right from the word go,we've been in a race that will only end when we take our last breath.You were once a single cell;a sperm that had to out race several other millions to become an embryo, a foetus and a baby.Now you're a full fledged human.It stands to reason that all the sperms you beat in the race could have equally become human if they had won.But they didn't.You did. You won that race.You won the human race as a sperm.That makes you unstoppable even now.You might be in a state in life that you probably feel everything has come to a stand still and you wonder if you can make it to the finish line.You look at your back, front, left,right and centre.And all hope seems be lost.But I humbly encourage you to keep on keeping on.There's light at the end of the tunnel.You'll win if you don't give in or give up too easily or too early.Do this;several others have run the race you're struggling to go through.Go to them, take the baton and start afresh.Learn their steps,their strategies; embrace and their ways;trace.Gear up for the race;keep running.Never stop trying and Never try stopping.You've been Graced from the beginning to win this life Race.You'll win if you don't Quit! Cheer up and Start running again.Winners always keep running till they Win.Do Same!