Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Gamelian Gems

'Winning is a product of Will.Your will determines your words and your words,your ways.Your ways produces your works and your works predicts your Worth.Your worth profess your Wand and your wand is your Winning tool'

One who says I want to succeed because I don't want to fail has a different energy level than one who says I want to succeed because I want to make life better. Both may sound similar but truth is they're not same.The former has negative energy but the latter has positive energy.Positive energy makes the journey an exciting experience. Don't be scared of what is chasing you, rather be spurred on by what you're chasing.Great reasons always fetch Great Results.Start with Positive Energy;A compelling Reason!

Its Productivity NOT too much Activity that makes an Achiever. Don't live life like a rocking chair;always moving here and there but have little proof of your activities.Be introspective,Selective and focus on what produces Results.Don't dissipate energy moving in circles.Rather,Concentrate energy on what works for you and magnify your results.

'The dominant thoughts that lingers on your mind will definitely feature in your future' 

'The Vision in your Heart predicts the Provision God puts in your hands' 

The mind is a magnetic field;it attracts to you the allies and artefacts you focus your attention on

Tomorrow started Today.Think Tomorrow Today.Your future is hidden in your daily routine.Your input today determines your output tomorrow.If you don't work Today towards Tomorrow,it will surely take you by Surprise.Today begun Yesterday and Tomorrow started Today.Don't leave your life to chance.Consciously create your Tomorrow Today!

An Ambition backed by An Action births Achievement.      

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