Thursday, 17 July 2014



Life is tough for all, be you female or male
A lot of pressing issues, it does entail
From complicated issues like the air we inhale
To minor ones like being disturbed due to the mail

Hardship pushes you to put up your treasure for sale
And the value offered may not march up to scale
This can break you down and make you so frail
As if you struggle so hard but to only fail
And it appears you will leave others no trail

Seasons will come that you will be at the tail
Situations will make you sad till you wail
Deals you have invested in and wish to nail
May all fall apart and put you in jail
And you may not get anyone to grant you bail

In all this, to God you should avail
Look up to Him and His name, hail
In prayer you should strongly travail
With time, things will pick up as you sail
Then you would at last win and prevail

Gamel Sankarl


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