Thursday, 17 July 2014

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

Rhyming is my thing
Its the voice with which I sing
Its the wind beneath my wing
I can win with words in a boxing ring
Each word makes me feel like a king

Rhyming words makes me think
So I can choose and link
To create words that make sense and sink
Its what darins my pen's ink

I have in my palm
Words soothing like balm
And sweet to the ear like a psalm
They make me enjoy calm

When I get a rhyme line
I make time to refine
Till they become fine
And smooth like wine
Before I post for my readers to dine

You can join me to rhyme
Just listen and mime
It requires no dime
And its no vice or crime
You will soon prime
As you learn with time

Gamel Sankarl Rhymes

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