Thursday, 17 July 2014


In Kingdom Linguistics; 'As you name and proclaim, you claim as well. Its simply;Recreate your world with your words' -Kingdom Ambassador, Gamel Sankarl

'Indecision is a form of decision. If you remain indecisive in any given situation or at any instance, you dole out your decision power and grant people permision to make decisions for you.This is it, you either decide or divide your decision power amongst those who care to decide for you'-Gamel Sankarl
'An amateur who makes conscious efforts to consistently improve on his craft is one who has mustered courage to make that craft luster, help himslef avoid disaster, grow faster and become a master of his chosen craft. Mediocre craftsmen are earmarked for disaster.Muster courage and be a master'-Gamel Sankarl
This is my conviction; that he who has developed an addiction for the things of God is immune to the inimical effects of man's eviction.He only exits one door so he can enter the next opened door prepared by God for him.Until you leave there you can't live in here.You have to be evicted so you can be admitted.You're immune to it all. Stay addicted and committed to God.
-Gamel Sankarl

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