Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Keep Hanging On. God will Make Your Story One with Glory. Enjoy this Poetivation!

Story With Glory

Everyone alive has some life story
They might not have chronicled in a diary
But in their hearts,they genuinely carry
A compelling message full of gory
That God can turn into good for His glory

Yes,we all carry a message in life like a lorry
Sure,the content of the message in our lorry may vary
When told,some may appear somewhat scary
Others come with emotions and tons of worry
And our listeners can't help but feel sorry

But that shouldn't prevent us from sharing our story
It may be too tall like a building of storey
But however short it maybe,bizzare and paltry
It teaches us to trust in God and not be in a hurry
Because every story with glory is perfected when we tarry

Your story may be interspersed with fury
And the future at a glance seems blurry
But don't quickly conclude like a confused jury
Such is life,Satan knows your end,so he quarry
Presenting you with reasons to doubt God and querry

Take heart,your case may at present be one of miry
However stay connected to God as one you marry
He understands your weary and will soon change your history
He will prepare and perfect your case into a hunky dory
Rejoice and relax in the Lord,He will make your story one with glory

-Gamel Sankarl

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