Saturday, 17 May 2014


Mediocrity does not pay
Anything goes, you may say
But why settle for the ore each day
When the real deal is up the way

Step up and go for the gold
Challenges may make you cold
But with persistence you can lay hold
And watch the future unfold
Yes, you need to be told
That you can make it when you stay bold

Every one alive is in a constant race
And God has already granted grace
Your future is very much up to your embrace
Learn from trail blazers and their ways, trace
The routes that they trod from grass to grace

Pay fully the price for the prize
Keep the desire alive each day when you arise
You may fail once, twice or trice
But don’t get too shocked in surprise
Success presents scars before the prize

Be daring and don’t complain
Give no excuse for failure nor explain

Yes, the top is sure you can attain
Go for gold, you can obtain


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