Saturday, 17 May 2014

Gamelian Gems 3

'My God is my Source
My Gift is my Resource.
My Purpose is my Propeller
My Motive is my Motivation
My Mandate is my Message'

'In a world of unbelievers,believers can only thrive and survive by adapting devoid of compromise but not adopting and compromising to the ways of the world' - Gamel Sankarl

'When your Aspirations align with your Actions, you attract Accomplishments' -Gamel Sankarl

'Each day I wake up feeling hopeful that, though I may be currently playing my game as an indigenous player, someday I'll play the same game as an international player if I step up and keep up without lowering the standards.I wake up convinced that if I consistently sharpen and shape my skills while in the local league,then I'll have a space and spot in the envisaged global league.This is my the assurance I have in my assignment.This is why I love to do what I love to do' -Gamel Sankarl

'Whatever problem you resist solving,persists.Until you consistently insist on persevering till you conquer or solve the problem,that problem will persist and conquer you.Choices have voices.Make a choice to solve that resisting problem.Choices come with corresponding consequences. Your choices create your your circumstances.Choose to change your circumstance.Choose to confront,conquer and become a champion' -Gamel Sankarl

'When the circumstances of life become gruelling;don't chicken out nor check out and groan.Do this; check in, take charge and grow' -Gamel Sankarl

'Mind your Mindset.Your mindset sets your miles in life.Your mindset sets you on course for the cause of your life.Its the map that directs you from where you are to where you set your mind to get to.Your Mentality decides your Reality.If your reality doesn't correspond to your mentality;then there's a mindset problem.Check it.Correct it.Its mostly a mindset problem.Mind your Mindset'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Saying someday you'll do it,will never get things done.It's acting on that saying that will get things done someday.Whatever you wish to do or be,even if you're not that now;act as if you are.Do this long enough and you'll eventually become.Fake it till you Make it.Act it till you Achieve it' -Gamel Sankarl      

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