Saturday, 17 May 2014


'I've always been convinced that knowledge is good but Experience is a better teacher.Well, that never changed but now I have the conviction that Faith is the best teacher.Truth is,Knowledge gives you the Goods,Experience Guides you and Faith gives you the Guts to go for Gold.If you have Faith,you can face the world.Keep your Faith alive' -Gamel Sankarl

'What you Give out determines What you Get in' - Gamel Sankarl

A Powerful Christian is A Prayerful Christian.

"Too much security can sometimes result in Obscurity. If you want to make it, go out there and risk it"

'The fact that you're Passionate about pursuing your purpose doesn't mean you shouldn't be Compassionate towards people.In fact,God is seen in people.He made people in His image and likeness.And so what you do for people,you do for God.Take time off your pursuit and make time for people who need your assistance to scale up too.Show some concern.Don't wait till they crash before you come in.Make it your business to be in the people business.Life and purpose is all about connecting Divinity/God to humanity/people.Let people see God in and through you.Let not your Passion becloud your Compassion.Don't be too Passionate and not be Compassionate' -Gamel Sankarl

'Success is splendid but Significance is supreme.Its ordinary to be successful but its extraordinary to be significant.No statue has been raised in honour of people who were just successful but for those who were successfully significant.When you acquire success, aspire for significance.To your success,add significance' -Gamel Sankarl

'Think not of Competion in life,it can be energy sapping.Think Contribution,it is energy saving.If you must compete,then it should be with yourself.Try this and you'll grow and glow'
-Gamel Sankarl

You were made to fill a Void.Your Value is veirified based on that Void. FiND it and FiLL it and you'll have a fulfilled Life'
-Gamel Sankarl

'Creating Wealth at the expense of your Health is not the best.Wealth is Something but without Health it means Nothing. Check your balance' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you engage yourself to a life of EMPTY;developing and deploying your abilities in your Learning years, you will enjoy a Life of PLENTY; experiencing and enjoying your investments in your Yearning years' -Gamel Sankarl


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