Friday, 7 November 2014


And so I decided to pastime writing this poetivation


From the onset of life you've been around,Oh Alpha
You're the God that heals us so we call you,Rapha
Your words,so sweet as stew made from leaves of alfalfa
For our sake you make our enemies burn in furnance of sulphur
And so we sing your praise using musical notes of sol-fa

Our trust is in you, for with you Alpha we will go far
it doesn't matter our life's battle or our war
You're our present help;we will scale over the bar
And we will do so faster even without a car
Because you have anointed us with oil from your own jar

All of life begun in you and will end in you,Oh Omega
We're hopeful that in you our lives will be made mega
With you we have no cause to worry over any saga
Your love for us simply makes us go gaga
That's why we sing to you in hip pop, high-life and ragga

Oh God, we know you have our interest as part of your agenda
You deliver us every now and then from any seeming danger
You don't deal with us according to our sins even in your anger
Oh thou Prince of heaven,begotten of God, yet born in a manger
Accept our humble adoration, our ranger, our life's manager

-Gamel Sankarl

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