Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Gamelian Gems 15

'If your inner small voice encourages you that you've been mandated to do something,never you allow an outer stern voice discourage you nor get you intimidated that you're meant for nothing'- Gamel Sankarl

'Hang around folks that inspire you to abolish your doubts and fears and you will catch some fire to burn those doubts and fears and establish your dream empire' -Gamel Sankarl

Skilful people have expensive price tags simply because they put in extensive efforts to make themselves priceless.When you put an intensive demand on your innate abilities and develop them into saleable skills with great initiatives, you determine your incentives. Make your ability an asset. Make your skill saleable'- Gamel Sankarl

Our connection to the Almighty King makes us royals. We are princes and princess'. And our royalty is sustained by our loyalty to the supreme King. Royals are loyal. Take a chance to stay and remain loyal to God. And maintain your stance as a royal in God' -Gamel Sankarl

The vision is often bigger and invisible at the beginning. But must that scare you into giving up on it? NO! Rather, focus on the division of the vision into smaller and more visible sizes. That way, you'll ensure clarity, employ your ability,endure tenacity and engage in the needed activity till you experience its reality'- Gamel Sankarl

Mostly, when you assume and neglect the details of an issue it bounces back to consume you with what it entails in the long run. Don't always neglect the details of an issue and make way for regrets. Take time to reflect on it and you won't deflect from the right way nor regret you did' -Gamel Sankarl

'To earn and make the kill or deal successfully, you must first learn the skill necessary to seal the deal successfully' -Gamel Sankarl

God's affirmation as enshrined in scripture is enough for you to claim that big picture.Don't wait on man's confirmation. They may never affirm nor confirm for you. As long as God confirms He's committed to holding you firmly. God ahead and build that firm' -Gamel Sankarl

It is good if you sympathized with me in my pity party but don't you think I'd be better off if you constructively chastised me to pick up myself and push for the peak? If you cherish me, don't let me perish pitying myself. Help me conquer my obstacle and pick myself up for the pinnacle' -Gamel Sankarl

'If you have a fussy gaze on life, chances are you will be in a maze and daze through life without anything to amaze or inspire others for greatness. Fix your gaze well, clear your eyes off the daze, wave through the maze and amaze yourself' -Gamel Sankarl

'No one is above reproach.Never take all reproaches very personal. Sometimes people express their love for you through reproach and not to encroach on your freedom of expression. They do so to alert you to take a new approach towards life so you can move forward in life' -Gamel Sankarl

Those who often pray and trust in God don't go astray or drift from the thrust of their lives.When you pray for the right way, you won't shift and sway onto the wrong way' -Gamel Sankarl

Mostly your opinions are not any different from those of your companions. To have opinions that wield dominion then you must commit to peeling some onions; read and connect with the opinions of champions. And before you know it, you would have rubbed off enough to give your opinions some dominion' -Gamel Sankarl

'Curiosity sparks the flame of creativity. Curiosity and creativity are good fellows.Wherever a worthy curiosity leads, a worhtwhile creativity follows.Be curious but most importantly be serious about being creative with your curiousity'- Gamel Sankarl

There's magic in logic. When you try to reason logically, you tend to react magically. Give your attention to logical thinking and you will attract magical things in life'-Gamel Sankarl

'What makes you distinct is your instinct. Tuition is essential for impact but its a blend of tuition and intuition that makes one influential and exceptional' -Gamel Sankarl

Don't just be a body of walking knowledge.Be a body of working applicable knowledge' -Gamel Sankarl

Want to become a big shot? Then be ready to get into the craze for being big. Trace the path of trail blazers. Embrace the principles they teach. Brace yourself for the pursuit. Ask for God's grace.And work for the raise!' -Gamel Sankarl

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