Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Teamwork makes the Dream work.- Gamel Sankarl

'If you always Conform to the norm, you can't Transform and stay above the norm'- Gamel Sankarl

'If you lack the Strategy, don't launch out else you'll lash out and slack in Tragedy'-Gamel Sankarl

If you consistently get yourself educated,you will remain informed and relevant but if you insistently remain uninformed and ignorant, you'll be Relegated. Don't get Relegated. Do get Educated. Remain Relevant' -Gamel Sankarl

'He who sticks out his neck readily without a prior plan will soon sell out his neck easily without a proper price' - Gamel Sankarl

'If your presence doesn't add to the experience of the moment, then your absence wouldn't make a difference during that moment.Don't make your abscence to be felt in your presence.Always give people an exciting experience in your presence and your absence will make a difference' -Gamel Sankarl

'Rain or shine;with God you will Reign and Shine.Make God your Companion and God will make you His Champion'-Gamel Sankarl

'They said;your messages are way ahead of your age.I smiled and said;my messages are from the the mess I made over the ages and the pages I read from the sages'-Gamel Sankarl

'Shun those who discourage you.Hang out with those who encourage you,their words have a way of building the courage in you'-Gamel Sankarl

'Dear Pal;you're the stakeholder of your life.Take the stakes/risks.Make the mistakes.If you don't take a step and skate,your progress will be at stake.Take some lessons and walk your way up to the peak.If you don't risk something, you won't make anything.Go risk it and make it' -Gamel Sankarl

'Complaining or explaining doesn't result in obtaining.The attainment of any worthy target comes with maintaining your focus and sustaining your consistentcy'-Gamel Sankarl

'A father is not only a source but also a resource.You only earn the right to be called a father when you've been responsible and resourceful to those who look up to you.You're a father when you make it possible for those who look up to you to go farther than how far you've gone yourself' -Gamel Sankarl

'I call any man who has helped me seen farther than how far I had seen before I got to know him a father'-Gamel Sankarl

'This one thing I know;that when you make God your all in all,you'll never bounce and fall.He will scale you over your wall.And make you stand tall.So you can answer your life's call.Call on God and make him your all in all'-Gamel Sankarl


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