Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!


Happy Fathers Day,Daddy!

Today is fathers day
So grateful;word can't say
You've been good all the way
And so I humbly pray
That longer you may stay
To enjoy your fruits feeling all gay

You've truely been a father
The only husband of our mother
You never shirked duty but to gather
Every bit of resources that matter
And brought them all together
To ensure our lives turned out better

You're the best friend we ever had
You never wanted to see us sad
Even when we strayed and did bad
And it did make you get so mad
You kept your calm because we were lads
You restrained from giving up on us, you're our dad

Today is your day,daddy
We want you to be happy
You forfeited being all charming and dandy
So we won't feel all sappy
Nor have a cause to be weepy
You've paid your dues,so be happy

Have a Hearty Happy Dad's Day,Daddy!

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