Thursday, 20 March 2014


And he said in askance and utmost awe;Is this not the same boy I used to play with since
childhood?Yeah,he's the very one whom I was moving with in Senior High School.Then how come his signature suddenly turned into an Autograph?Tell me more,Gamel?
Those were the words my high school buddy asked when I launched my first two books in 2011.He thought he knew every thing about me...He knew about my tantrums,my worries and even who had the switch to my heart buttons and knew about my heartbreak.He felt he had it all in his palms.He could figure it all out when it concerns me but he couldn't predict what my inner most desire was.He couldn't tell when God will lift me from a nobody to a somebody.From a mere scribbler to mind blowing writer.From a heartbreak to a heartwarming author.From no where to some where.
He was amazed and thought I became an overnight young achiever.What he however didnt know was that,each time i was alone I was with the real me.Unleashing the writer in me.Streching my writing muscles and revising it long enough so I could deliver my very best. He didn't know my silent prayer but as I practised my skill day and night,I asked God to not only launch my books but me as well. And so God did.That is not to say,it was all sweet and dandy.But my faith was kept alive at every inch of the journey.I virtually did everything myself just to see my dream come true.I had a lot of bruises fighting this battle all alone as a person.Yet things moved out of control.Experiencing one dissappointment or the other.But hey,the destination seemed so close to back off.And so I persisted.
Like my buddy,most youngsters feel, young achievers are just lucky but truth is,Luck is spelt DISCIPLINE+DELIGENCE.Now, I just put a full stop to my 12th book.I've spoken on several platforms.I'm doing my masters.And I just won a continental award in an essay competiton....And the list is endless.
Its indeed a long story but from NO where,I'm NOW here.

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