Thursday, 20 March 2014

Leave HERE and Live THERE!!!

Leave HERE and Live THERE!!!
Mildred Taylor once opined;'We have no choice of what colour we're born or who our parents are or whether we're rich or poor.What we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives once we're here'
Well,here we are in a new week and my admonision is;There're somethings you can never change,so why allow them get in the way and impede you from those you can change?You need to make a new stance in life.Reposition yourself and take your stance in life this week.Until you move from where you are,you can't get to where you wish to be.Don't focus too much on the spot behind you and loose the spot you have before you.Let go off the past and its barrage so you can lay hold on the future and its blessing. Leave here(your undesirable present) and Live there(your desirable dreams/future). You're in for new experience this week.Don't let the past failures and bitterness of last week get in the way.Let go and Let God. He can make you better.The future is bright. Go for Gold.

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