Thursday, 20 March 2014


For a couple of years now, the thought of having another year being added to my age brings a mixture of feeling. For me, it’s a moment that calls for a deep introspection. One of the many reflections that take the centre stage of each session is the fact that; a birthday is more of an ‘addition - deduction’ period in life. By that, I mean, it’s a moment that one gets a year added onto his/her age and a year deducted from the total years he has to live on planet earth. Then, it dawns on me to rethink about life. I think about my life and that of those connected to me either directly or indirectly. Today, I woke up by 1:00 am to enjoy the reverie of the hour and I’m flooded with thoughts that rather set my focus on the end than the present. I reflected on so many things including: the purpose of my life, my contribution in life, my long/short-term vision, where I started from, where I am now and where I intend to get to. What I have done and what I still have to do. And on and on and on….
As I continued in this state of deep thinking, I recalled two observations in life and the lessons that under-gird them;
1. That, both old grey/brown leaves and new/green leaves can fall off the tree at any time.
2. That, both a small stone and a big stone when thrown into a pool of water create ripples.
From 1, I gathered that whether old or young, death is inevitable and as well not a respecter of persons let alone age which is just a number. And, that, I can die at any point in time. So I must live the LIFE in my life now before the evil days come.
From2, Igathered that, whether you are big/small, tall/short, black/white, rich/poor, royal/commoner, master/servant……you can still make an impact on your generation. You can create a rippling effect with your gifts and make life better for yourself and countless others. So I decided that, no matter what, I’ll contribute my widow’s mite to the betterment of posterity.
This trip into the world of my inner being further led me to reflect on the story/parable of talents in Mathew 25. I recounted how each servant had to account before his master. ’ So someday, I ‘ll also account to God what I did with the talents /gifts/knowledge and time/life that he blessed me with. Then, I must die completely EMPTY of my endowments. I must be able to say someday like Jesus and Paul did, IT IS FINISHED!’, those were the few thoughts, I mulled over. I was simply on a thinking spree.
Having drenched myself in a deep state of what seemed to be a total introspection, I came to an absolute ultimate resolution and that is to let my death motivate me for the rest of my life instead a birthday. Yes, my DEATH……! My reason being that, what I have done with my life so far as compared to what God has put in my heart as a life quest; purpose/vision and pursuit are at the extremities. I have done very little and hence have achieved very little with my potential.
I felt there is still more to do in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. There are more souls yet to be worn and more lives yet to be transformed. There are more people yet to be enlightened so they can permanently experience a fulfilled life. There are more people yet to be delivered from the scorch of poverty stricken mentality and released from the quagmire of ignorance…..etc. And I have a legacy to leave behind unborn generations. A legacy of lots of ‘lessons worth learning for life’.
And so I made a humble prayer to God; from this birthday forth, may major motivation come from the fact that, if I die today, what legacy do I leave behind? God, I believe, the world was happy when they heard the first cry I made on the day of my birth…I ask that I live a life that will make the world cry and I happy on my day of death. May my death inspire me to leave the grave yard with absolutely NOTHING and my with EVERYTHING worth the life you gave me. May I live fulfilling your purpose for creating me and through my purpose depopulate hell for your glory. And may the thought of a new birthday each year as well as my death day keep me motivated to live life to the fullest. For this and many other intensions that please thee, oh Lord, help me to accomplish. But above all Lord,teach me to number my days…….that I may apply my heart unto WISDOM! AMEN!!

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