Thursday, 20 March 2014


You failed and so what? You're not the first and you won't be the last.Stop the pity party and start preparing for peak performance.Its possible to fail forward.When you fall and fail,Lie not for long.Dust off and dare it once more.You can fail forward and win with wisdom from hindsight.Make it happen.The top is sure if you don't lie flat each time you fall but rise up to your feet and gear up for accomplishment.You can do it.Be determined to make it happen.The likes of Thomas Edison,Abraham Lincoln and countless others are but the few examples worth emulating.Lets pick the lessons from our past failures to better tread cautiously so we can get to the top.Decide to fail forward.Let not your failure deter you from persevering for the target.Be determined to get to your desired destination.Run with your vision, walk if you can't run, crawl if you can't walk,move a muscle if crawling becomes difficult.No matter the obstacle,persist in moving forward.That's the way to fail forward. You failed and so What? Give no excuse a chance to live idle else you die idle. Get moving and keep moving till you arrive at your desired destination.

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